Alaska train vacations are the way to go.

When it comes to your vacation you want to make sure you have all of your questions answered. Going to Alaska is probably one of the most amazing and affordable vacations that you can possibly muster. That is why so many people choose to take the Alaska Alaska Train PackagesRailroad while they are visiting. There is no better way to see the state than from the railroad. You need to be prepared for everything before you go up there and take advantage of the amazing railroad and views. You can call Alaska Railroad and ask them about their amazing Alaska Train Packages. In case you were thinking about hot springs for your winter, you should know that the Aurora Winter Train does not go to Chena Hot Springs Resort though the resort itself will bring a shuttle for you if requested. Sounds like train vacations are the way to go. If you are getting on a cruise in Seward the cruise ship dock is only one mile away. It’s also no more than a 5 minute drive too! So it’s really easy to make your connection. The cruise dock in Whittier is harder to access because there isn’t actually a depot in Whittier. The Glacier Discovery does stop across from the large cruise dock in Whittier though and then it is a 5 minute walk to the small boat harbor. The Coastal Classic will stop at the Seward depot which is a 1/2 mile taxi ride to the docks. It’s also close enough for you to walk if you need to. The Alaska Railroad travels across 500 miles from Anchorage to Fairbanks, Anchorage to Seward and Anchorage to Whittier. You can take any combination of trip that works the best for you. One of the main reasons that people go to Alaska is to see animals. You might see a wide assortment of animals while on the train but what you see will depend on which train you ride. The onboard tour guide will be able to tell you which places are the best to view wildlife. If you book your tour with Denali Star or Coastal Classic you could get yourself a glass dome car which is an exceptional experience. All you have to do is upgrade to the GoldStar Service which has double decked glass dome seating. You can even ask about Adventure Class seating which are vista dome cars on the Denali Star, Coastal Classic and Hurricane Turn Trains. The seating on the upper level of the dome cars are open seating and anyone on the train can go on them. You must take turns so everyone can enjoy that experience. If you were to bring an infant on one of these trains, would you need to buy them a ticket? No! Children under the age of 2 get to be on the train totally and completely free if they travel on the adult’s lap. You could purchase a seat at the child’s rate. You must use a car seat while on the train for the child’s safety. So call them and book one of your very own train vacations today.

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