5 Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures

Most people do not know that tinctures were at one time the most common form of cannabis medicine. Before prohibition started, cannabis tinctures were available in many pharmacies. Happily, today cannabis tinctures are gaining acceptance again. A liquid dose of tinctures provides a quick and straightforward prescription. Many people are flocking online stores such as Ojai Energetics to learn more about the product and how to use it. If you are wondering whether tinctures are appropriate for you, here are some of the remarkable benefits of cannabis tinctures.

5 Benefits of cannabis tinctures

1. Tinctures provides a safe and a healthier alternative to smoking
Some people do not know that smoking is just one method to consume cannabis. Even though it is the most popular way, it is not the healthiest or the safest. Smoking substances such as cigarettes or marijuana can harm the respiratory system, and also associated with harmful effects on the skin such as such as blocking collagen production leading to premature aging. If you would like to avoid the detrimental effects of smoking cannabis, tinctures are the best alternative. You can quickly take tinctures under the tongue, which is an ideal method for a patient who is seeking a quick yet smokeless way of intake.

2. Tincture offer quick delivery of medicine
When you position tinctures under the tongue, they take effect very fast. Patients can expect some results with 5 to 10 minutes. It is a significant benefit compared to edible cannabis products which take forty-five minutes to one hour. The reason why tinctures are much faster is that they immediately enter into the blood when positioned under the tongue. For best results, a patient is supposed to keep the tinctures under the tongue for thirty seconds to one minute before swallowing.

3. Tinctures are harmless for pediatric patients
Tinctures are some of the purest forms of cannabis medicine administered to pediatric patients. Most people prefer them because they are smokeless, easy to use and offer controlled dosing. This means all patients no matter the age can take tinctures with ease. For those who are concerned about psychoactive-effects, there are various non-psychoactive choices available. You can get CBD dominant tinctures at Ojai Energetics.

4. Dosing is unnoticeable with tincture
People looking for cannabis medicine fear the issue of odor or the taste. If so, consider cannabis tinctures. Tinctures are just like pharmaceutical drugs. They are safe and unnoticeable. Only a few individuals will notice when you place some drops under the tongue compared to smoking. Also, tinctures are small to fit in a purse, backpack or satchels.

5. Tinctures are flexible
One of the benefits of tinctures is that there are many different options available. If you are looking for a high THC medicine, you can pick CBD or CBDA. Each type of cannabis tinctures provides various uses and benefits. Hence, if you are looking for a daily supplement or targeting a particular condition, visit Ojai Energetics. Also, since there is no heat applied when medicating, tinctures preserve numerous beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids than any other form of cannabis medicine.

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