Are same-day dental crowns in your future?

Even just a few years ago, the process of getting a dental crown may have taken quite a few different appointments with your cosmetic dentist.  Often your would have to first go for a consultation, then make another appointment to have your molds made and temporary crowns put in, and then a final appointment to have the permanent crowns placed.  Although the end result is worth it, the whole process can make you wonder if it is and how much time and money your really want to put into your teeth.  Well, cosmetic dentists that are up to date with the latest of equipment will likely have a CEREC system.

This new system has the capability of fully designing and generating a porcelain crown in veneersonly one office visit.  This is definitely a game-changer because of the fact that a normal crown procedure would take a minimum of 2 visits, usually 3.  Plus, temporary crowns can be very uncomfortable to wear, and the old way could cause a patient to wear one for weeks.  The introduction of the CEREC machine makes the entire crown procedure much easier on the patient, and it creates a more esthetic product that can be placed with less drilling and less injections.  The first step is to have your tooth prepared in the same way that it would be with a traditional crown, then digital images are taken with a specialized camera.  This step replaces the traditional step of making an impression of the tooth.  The digital images will detect every small crevice to make a perfect mold.  The digital image can be brought up on a flat screen right next to the dental chair so that the dentist can refer to it continually while working and designing the new tooth.  Once molded, an image of the new tooth is sent to the CEREC machine and it works to build the tooth exactly to the cosmetic dentists’ specifications.  The entire process, once the necessary data has been sent to the machine, can take as little as six minutes.  With the final product in hand, the dentist will then adhere the crown to the tooth and make sure it matches the teeth on either side.

The CEREC machine has taken a several week cosmetic dental procedure and made it into a same day procedure.  Many dentists and patients are amazing at how quickly they can have crowns made and adhered.  And less time overall means less gum injections and less pain.  This also eliminates the need for the uncomfortable temporary crown in the mean time.  With the CEREC machine, you can walk in and out of your dentists’ office in the same day with a brand new, beautiful smile.  What’s not to love about that?

So same-day dental crowns may be something that could be in your future.  If you’ve been putting off a crown procedure because you know how long and grueling the entire thing can be, you don’t have to wait any longer.  Ask your accredited cosmetic dentist about a CEREC machine to see what your options are.


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