Bad weather can be battled with Yardi software training.

yardi consultingYardi is a proprietary tool that helps real estate management companies prepare for the worst and it keeps them advanced in the game.  It’s a great tool for developing new ways to address some tough problems that arise. A December 16, 2015 blog by Taylor Metz has created an interesting proposition for how Yardi software training may benefit your firm. The reason for the benefit is that you will enter the market with a new level of preparedness.  Take the scenario that Metz proposes in the article, “Is Your Real Estate Management Firm Prepared for Severe Weather?”  In the case of severe weather, what resources do you have available.  That is where Yardi consulting can prepare you:

“Even before disaster strikes, a system like Yardi or MRI can help enhance a property manager’s disaster preparedness efforts. By configuring the budgeting tools to account for climatic predictions (or even regular seasonal expenses), your budgets and forecasts won’t get lashed by the rains, snows, or winds.

And when the inclement weather does strike, the device-agnostic communication platforms available in both Yardi and MRI will enable you to relay all the critical information to your tenants and staff in as timely and efficient manner as possible.

Beyond insulating your bottom line from severe weather damage, real estate software systems can help you prepare your properties, too. The Yardi inspection module or MRI’s Workspeed—fully accessible by any mobile device—can help track preventative maintenance, such as roof inspections and enhancements, which are likely to increase as we face California’s biggest rainy season in years. Construction or Job Cost modules, too, can be incredibly powerful tools for even more comprehensive projects, such as those necessary for earthquake preparedness. As any seasoned California property manager knows, seismic retrofitting and refurbishments can be an incredibly complex undertaking, requiring robust software to help you keep track of tenant relocations, as well as multiple construction workflows.

Clearly, preparing for severe climate events should include maximizing your real estate management software solutions. If you already have a cutting-edge real estate software solution like Yardi or MRI, you may want to consider undergoing a gap analysis to ensure that you know how to utilize all the features available to you to help you with these efforts. Managing the repercussions of El Niño using mere spreadsheets may just leave your property management firm unable to weather the storm.”

If this is something that you believe your firm can benefit from, then give a call to some of the best workers out there when it comes to ensuring your firm will be in good shape.  That is why you have so many people that are flocking to what is being offered by Redirect Consulting. They will help you through the entire development of this process so that you feel comfortable in managing and directing how it is applied.  Check out some of their resources online to see how you might be able to develop a few ideas for the adoption of a Yardi or MRI software system.

Safety is a big concern with closed loop butane extractors.

One of the products that many people are searching for these days is called, BHO or butane honey oil.  It has a number of other names, as well: shatter, glass, honey to name but just a few. butane extractorsThere used to be a butane extractor method to making this substance, but that has since improved with the availability of closed loop butane extractors.  The reason for this is safety.  It is a whole lot safer for a person to use the closed loop system as opposed to the old way of doing it.  In a previous article, we shared the “easy” step by step process that was offered by a website and have come to find that it would absolutely not be easy at all for that to be accomplished.  With this in mind, one of the best things that you can do as a cook (for lack of a better term) is to be as safe as possible when working with butane. A website that focuses on the production of butane honey oil wrote a nice piece that is worth sharing on some of the safety precautions that can be used for the closed loop butane extractors.  In the section of the article called “Safety,” they say: “Butane is highly flammable, so let us next talk about safety. First and foremost, always perform the extraction outside in a well ventilated area.  Have a fire extinguisher handy, as well as a blanket to roll up in, should the unthinkable happen. It goes without saying that smoking around a butane extraction is asking for a disaster, but I have literally grabbed the hand of folks starting to light up because they “forgot” where they were at and what they were doing. May I suggest that you leave your lighter and smokes somewhere else when you are doing extractions. Same with your cell phone!  Wear no synthetic fabrics, including your socks, because static electricity sparks probably ignite more butane unintentionally than bone headed smokers. We use a fan to disperse the butane rapidly so as to keep it from pooling. Butane is heavier than air and will collect in low spots given its own devices. We use a plastic fan so that no sparks are created by a piece of gravel or other hard material passing through the fan blades.In dry cold conditions, we add a grounding strap to our cans, so as to not draw static electricity sparks between the can and the column.” These simple steps will help to ensure that any butane extractors can be kept in a safe space. It is also worth checking out some of the best products on the market.  One of the best products that may be available is called the Terpp Extractors.  This is actually a local product and all Terpp Extractors are made in Northern Colorado.  So the next time that you are thinking about buying some dabs, it is worth considering whether it will also be easy to make it yourself at home.  Give it a try and never look back.