Find hope with drug addiction counseling

drug addiction counselingWhen individual suffer from a drug addiction, they often feel that there is no hope of ever finding a solution to their problem. They tend to feel helpless and unable to know where to start on the road to recovery. Some who are experiencing an addiction may not even be aware that they have a problem which makes it even more of challenge to decide to get help. For those who may recognize their addiction may be completely immobilized by a fear that they cannot live their life without drugs. Some may even experience extreme anxiety at just the thought of letting go of their vice. This can lead to continued use even if one knows that it is unhealthy for them. There is hope though. There are people out there that can help. It may seem daunting to consider drug addiction counseling, however, it could end up saving your life and so much more.

It can be scary to reach out to someone to get help, especially if you have a hard time expressing your feelings to another individual. It is not always easy to be vulnerable in front of someone or to find the courage to cry when you are compelled to. You may even find it difficult to confront past experiences that have deeply affected you. It sometimes seems easier to just numb the pain with drugs instead. However, this just delays the inevitable and causes other problems along the way. No one wants to pick at old wounds but they tend to surface anyway. Your subconscious will tend to dig up past feelings regardless… most of the time when it is totally out of context.

These are valid concerns and fears. Finding someone to talk to help you navigate those fears is a healthy start on your road to recovery. It can be challenging to conquer a drug addiction on your own. The loneliness that is experienced with addiction can develop into a lack of self confidence, depression, anxiety and other health problems. Many counselors have overcome an addiction themselves, so many times they understand exactly what you are going through and can offer you solutions that have helped them or others in the past.

Outpatient treatment counseling can either be in the form of a private one on one session, or it can be offered in a group format. Group counseling can be very eye-opening as you are sharing stories and experiences with those who are currently going through the same challenges. It can be very empowering to know that you are not alone and that there are others who share your same struggles.

If you are considering drug addiction counseling, please consider the Center for Recovery. Their mission is to provide support, therapy, education and resources to empower your personal development and help you overcome your biggest hurdle, yourself. Self-love, they believe, is at the core of their programs and is the foundation for personal growth and positive change. There is help and, most of all, there is hope.

This rescue gear could save a life

rescue gearAccidents can occur at any time of day or night especially in adverse conditions. The likelihood of accidents occurring during icy weather conditions is very high. An average of over one hundred thousand injuries due to dangerous icy conditions are reported annually and are a leading cause of car accidents. The midwest plains states have the highest number of fatalities due to adverse icy conditions. Prior to the cold winter months, rescue responders will start getting prepared for inevitable rescue missions they will have to endure by conducting ice rescue demonstrations and practices. Proper training must be done each year in order to set responders up for seasonal success. Annual ice rescue drills ensure that responders are kept current of the latest rescue gear and techniques. Here is a list of rescue gear that could possibly save your life in the event of an ice related accident.

1. Reach Pole

A reach pole can be used for both on shore rescue missions as well as on the ice rescue instances. This is a long pole that can be extended out to a victim in hopes that they can reach the pole, grab on and hold on until a responder is able to pull them ashore or on to a boat. Reach poles can extend up to seven feet. Quality reach poles will have a loop at the end for the victim to easily grab a hold of during rescue. Another key feature is to have an ice probe on one end that may help to break up ice in order to free a victim from being trapped. Reflectors are also a nice feature to have as they make it easier for the victim to see the pole in the dark.

2. Throw Bag

A responder must always toss out a throw bag to an ice rescue victim as soon as they can. Since the victim has been exposed to freezing water temperatures, they often find it difficult to move, much less swim, when they are submerged in ice. In order to prevent the victim from drowning since they are not able to swim effectively, throwing a floatation device to them quickly is imperative. A throw bag is one of the most important tools a rescue team should have on hand.

3. Transport Sled

A transport sled is also a very important and effective tool to have in your ice rescue equipment. A transport sled helps in aiding the victim out of the icy water especially if they have been immobilized by hypothermia. It allows the rescuer to slide across the ice to the victim and then help them both back on to the ice.


You can get all of the above ice rescue gear and more at Ice Rescue Systems. The specialize in and provide professional ice rescue equipment for first responders. They also offer training programs and other resources for your ice rescue team. For more information on the quality safety products and training programs they offer, please contact Ice Rescue Systems.


Three reasons why you should get an electric bicycle

electric bicyclesElectric bicycles, or eBikes, are gaining in popularity as the modern individual looks for alternative modes of transportation. The concept is quite simple. The structure of the bike looks and rides like a traditional commuter bike, however, an eBike comes equipped with an electric motor and battery pack. The motor and battery are small, unobtrusive and neatly tucked behind the seat under the travel rack. There are many reasons why you should get an electric bike and according to Small Planet eBikes, here are the top three.

The environment is the most important reason to consider an electric bike. These eBikes help to reduce your carbon footprint for travel. It is also a much more sustainable option than a motor vehicle. In fact, an electric bike will produce significantly less carbon than a typical car. With the threat of global warming and the depletion of fossil fuels, electric bicycles and cars are a more sustainable solution for the long term. The also require less storage space which is nice is storage is scarce in your city.

Your health and wellness is another common reason for purchasing an eBike. An average commuter who decides to choose a bicycle as their main mode of transportation tends to be up to six times healthier than a commuter who drives a vehicle instead. With the rise in obesity and diabetes, an electric bike is a game changing fitness tool. They encourage less fit individuals to make healthier choices. Since these eBikes are a lot heavier than a traditional, you will receive a better overall workout during your commute. Carrying them will also give you a little extra workout due to the added weight.

Another reason for the rise in popularity of eBikes is how much fun they are to operate. They are not just for adults either. Kids especially love them. Because electric bicycles are designed to increase the efficiency of your ride, it is typically the preferred choice over a more manual ride. You are definitely able to get to your destination much quicker than if you were pedaling manually. The extra boost you get from the motor makes for a more exciting ride. The entertaining aspects of an electric bike will help to encourage those making a quick trip to the grocery store to opt for a bike ride instead driving their car. Hopefully, these eBikes will spawn a new generation of mindful cyclists.

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