What is Hydroforming

Hydroforming is a new and unique process for metal fabricating and forming. What it does is it allows for the shaping of different metals such a stainless steel, regular steel, copper, brass, and aluminum into lightweight yet very stiff and strong pieces. Hydroforming metals is classified into two main groups: sheet hydroforming and tube hydroforming. Both processes are desirable to companies that manufacture different metals because the overall process is more cost effective that other methods. Sheet hydroforming was originally used to help manufacture kitchen spouts because the end result of this type of hydroforming was a strong metal that was also not very grainy. This allowed for the spouts to be finished into a nice shiny metal. This classification of hydroforming uses one die and a sheet of metal and is pushed into the die by the force of high pressure water that is applied to one side of the sheet. One the other side of the sheet is the mold and as the sheet is pressured against it the metal begins to form the shape that is desired. Tube hydroforming uses two die halves and can use high pressure or low pressure water.  When high pressure is used, the mold or tube is completely enclosed in a die before the pressurization of the tube begins. Whether high or low pressure is used, the end result is the same. Tube hydroforming was initially used in order to provide large sized T shaped joints for parts in the oil and gas industry. But now this type of metal product is primarily used in the auto industry and the bicycle industry. This type of metal is very popular in the auto industry because it allows for complex shapes to be created that are also stronger, lighter and more rigid that older parts. It also allows for very large “unibody” seamless pieces to be created The benefits of hydroforming are many. In addition to being more cost effective to produce metals, it is more efficient at creating replacement parts. It also eliminates the need to weld together two halves of a pipe and effectively eliminates the need to weld together parts at all, making it possible to create a wide range of shapes and objects that are seamless. These seamless metals are also stronger since they no longer have the potential to crack or erode at the seam where they were connected. When you compare hydroforming to regular metal stamping and welding, the parts that are created through hydroforming are more lightweight and have a much higher stiffness to weight ratio. The process of hydroforming is fairly straightforward: If the metal shape desired is something other than a straight line, then the sheet or tube is placed in the hydroforming press. The press will then cause the water inside the tube to pressurize until the metal begins to move and shape itself into the die cast until it has filled out the entire die. Once the hydroforming is complete then the part is taken through a wash that takes off any rough edges and prepares it for laser cutting.

Eight reasons to rent your bounce house from Hoppin Shop

Safety – the number one priority for those at Hoppin Shop is your safety. Their inflatable bounce houses are made from the highest quality PVC materials. This material is very sturdy and is the primary type of material used in commercial bounce houses. It is also fire resistant and water proof, so it is ready for any kind of party you are throwing. Every staff member is fully training on how to safely set up a bounce house on your property and to complete a full inspection on it before your party guests begin to enjoy it. Insurance – Every item available for rental from the Hoppin Shop is fully licensed and insured for your safety.  They take the hassle out of renting from them because they take care of the additional licensing that may be needed to set up a bounce house or tent in any city or county in the Denver area. Service – Next to safety, providing excellent service is the next highest priority to the good people at Hoppin Shop. They strive to provide excellent service that includes transparent pricing with no hidden fees, and an easy bounce house rental process from your first phone conversation with them, down to the always on-time delivery, set up, and tear down of your bounce house. Family Owned – unlike many corporate and pricey competitors, Hoppin Shop is family owned and operated. That means that when you begin a relationship with them, you will continue to do business with the same people, year after year. Cleaning – In addition to providing excellent products and outstanding service, Hoppin Shop always performs a complete cleaning of each of their products after use, so you have the piece of mind that your children are enjoying a brand new bounce house Set up – Hoppin’ Shop takes care of all of the set up of your rental materials. If you are renting a bounce house from them, they make sure that you have the proper access to power and use industrial extension cords to run power to your bounce house. So you do not have to stress about causing an electrical short. If you are having your party in a rural area or a park, then they can take care of providing power by bringing the appropriate generator to you as well and make sure that set up is done completely and safely. If you are renting tents, tables, or chairs, then they not only deliver them right to you, but they also take care of the set up and tear down as well. You can worry about enjoying your party and not about getting everything set up on time. Free delivery – Within their Denver area, Hoppin Shop provides free delivery! It is all part of their goal of providing excellent customer service. Other services: In addition to renting out bounce houses, the Hoppin Shop also provides cotton candy machines, tents, tables and chairs, and power generators to be used with the bounce houses. Many of these items can be bundled together to save you money!