Boost your commercial marijuana project with the right irrigation

There are plenty of questions to ask before you can get answers on the type of irrigation system you will need for your residential or commercial marijuana grow project.  The largest factors to weight in are space, time, plant size and type, and management preferences.  Most farmers can agree that drip irrigation is the most efficient on many levels, but that doesn’t always mean it is the right choice for you.  Irrigation is largely circumstantial so do what works best for you and your operation.

Since becoming legalized for recreational use, the marijuana industry has really taken off in commercial marijuana irrigationa few states.  Within those states the regulations are still a little fuzzy because federal and state law contradict one another on what is allowed to be grown, sold, and consumed.  Right now there is a mutual understanding that the marijuana industry is working within state lines without any problems so federal offices are choosing not to enforce their laws.  Things could change at any moment on that front, unfortunately, because new federal administrations are taking us back into the dark ages.  But regardless, right now the marijuana industry is growing so investors, growers, and sellers are jumping on board to capitalize.  Also, now growers who have been doing this for decades can come out into the open about it without any fear of legal repercussions.  Well, at least for now.  In the meantime, irrigation for your marijuana greenhouse or warehouse is readily available since that industry has also grown with the boom.

Irrigation suppliers for marijuana production can help you make the decision on which type of watering system is best for your setup.  Sprinkler systems are great for large areas because they cover them all at once.  A con of sprinklers is the pooling that occurs and the potential mildew that can grow on the saturated leaves of the plants.  Manual spraying is popular among marijuana producers because of the convenience and ease of set up.  All that is required with manual spraying is the hose and sprayer.  You will have to maneuver the hose around our plants and pots, but otherwise it is pretty simple.  Drip irrigation often comes with a start up kit.  It consists of long plastic or rubber tubes that run along the bases or your plant to deliver a steady drip from holes punched in the sides.  Whole kits can be purchased from your favorite supplier, such as Cannabis Irrigation Supply.  The kits are adaptable to your landscape and size.  You can even decide how spaced out the drip holes are.  The larger the plant, the larger the drips should be so make sure you account for your plant size and increase the hole size if needed.  Cannabis Irrigation Supply is happy to help you with whatever you need.  They can help you answer the tougher questions about your farm to determine what tools you need.  They carry sprayers, adapters, drip manifolds, tubing, timers, pressure regulators, and anything else you need to get started.

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