Cannabis delivery and other things to look for in a collective

Are you a relatively new medical marijuana patient in California? Or do you feel your collective is not meeting your medical marijuana needs? Maybe you have just relocated to a different city and need a new place to obtain medicine from? If you answered yes to any of these questions, than this blog post was written just for you. This blog post will discuss some features including medical marijuana delivery, which we think you ought to look for in a collective before signing up. Though we do not have time to talk about all the features a collective can offer you, this should give you a pretty good idea of where to start in your evaluation and selection process.

  1. Your collective should offer a wide variety of high quality medical marijuana products. A collective is no longer evaluated solely by the quality of their medical marijuana buds, but by the caliber and variety of medical cannabis products they are able to offer. In addition to having high quality medical marijuana buds, your collective should offer a wide variety of concentrates, edibles, topical salves or rubs, oral tinctures, and other types of medicated beverages such as infused tea bags or sodas. An ideal collective will be able to offer these products at a reasonable price, making them accessible for all patients.
  2. Your collective should offer a medical cannabis delivery service. This is a popular trend growing throughout California. Offering a delivery service is now considered to gold standard in the medical marijuana industry. Finding a collective that offers this delivery service can save you valuable time in your schedule. All you need to do is log on, select and pay for your meds, and then a trusted courier brings them right to your doorstep.
  3. A good collective should always have a private, secure entrance. The industry standard is to have a well secured that is mostly obscured from the prying eyes of the public. Many collectives maintain this objective by having the main entrance and parking area in the back of the store. This allows patients to discreetly come in and purchase their medicine, without worry that someone they know might see them in the process.
  4. A collective that you select should have knowledgeable, professional medical marijuana professionals or bud tenders. Knowledgeable staff are paramount to the medical marijuana experience. The staff working at your collective should be intimately familiar with the products they are selling, and be able to make product and strain recommendations based on a number of factors and preferences. They should also be familiar with delivery devices such as pen vapes and other types of technology, and be able to show new patients how to use these products. Lastly, they should be courteous, discreet, and professional when dealing with medical marijuana patients.
  5. A good collective should offer some sort of rewards program. Rewards incentives for loyal shoppers are a great way to go when it comes to medical marijuana. Popular incentives are punch cards (buy eight eighths and get the ninth for free), point accumulation rewards systems (accrue a certain number of points and redeem them for medical marijuana products or apparatuses), and signing bonuses (where you receive a free portion of medicine for signing up with the collective.


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