Carpet care web design ideas

You went through the expense of direct mailing a flier to the community where your carpet cleaning business is located.  You also posted the flier on both Facebook and Twitter and left copies at your friend’s real estate office.  Located at the bottom of the flier, along with your address and phone number was your website which you know is in desperate need of an update and change, you just are not sure where to start.   When it comes to carpet care web design, you should begin with a home page that includes a snappy slogan and an indirect message about how much better your clients’ lives are now that they have had their carpet’s cleaned.  It could include feeling like royalty or the ability to have a big party because the carpets are clean and stain free. There should be several tabs at the top of the home page that bring people to the other pages one of which should include pertinent information such as services offered and prices.  This page should also include a special deal or coupon for a free room or deodorizer as people love free stuff.   Another part of your carpet care web design is a page or place that includes pictures and blurbs on you and your employees.  This way, your potential clients will know who to expect at the door after they make an appointment on another part of your web page.   Other ideas when it comes to carpet care web design include an area where interested parties can sign up to receive a newsletter and a place where loyal clients can get discounts for referrals and for using your services a certain number of times.  You can also offer incentives in order to get people to review your business both on your website and on social media.   Finally, no website would be complete without a blog.  A blog allows you to educate your clients and potential clients.  It also enables you to get more people to view your site and possibly use your services.  This is because if you supply good information, it will be shared with others.   The more shares, the more views, the higher up your company goes on the search engine results.  The higher up you go on the search engine results, the more people will find you when they look for carpet care companies.  They will then click on and peruse your site and hopefully make an appointment and share your blog.   Two important factors to keep in mind when it comes to carpet care web design.  The first is that surveys have found that people tend to focus their attention on the left side of the screen.  Therefore, this is a good place for forms and links.  The second factor to keep in mind is that when it comes to search engine results, most people only look at the first three results and very few people go beyond the first page that comes back.

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