Better air saturation with the new air stone alternative

No matter if you are a single operation grower or a commercial grower, if you are trying to produce plants for sale or some kind of commercial use, every little bit of difference in your production can make a big difference in what you can do with your business. For anyone that could benefit from an increased yield, there are a number of different ways that this can be accomplished. Some processes will work better than others depending on the kind of plants you are growing and the specific kind of environment that you are using to grow your plants but of course there are also a number of tools and tricks that are fairly universal and can help any plant and any plant producer have a better product with a better yield at the end of the day. One of the tools that are often used in order to increase the yield of plants and make them stronger and healthier is to increase the amount of oxygen that the plants are able to take in by increasing the amount of oxygen in the water. In the past people have used an air stone or something similar in order to deliver extra oxygen into the water, which does work but also has the tendency to waste a lot of the energy and oxygen and not be quite so efficient. The oxygen researchers at O2 Grow have found a new way to increase the oxygen levels in the water though that is far more productive and gets up to fifty percent more oxygen dissolved into the water. Because the new air stone alternative from O2 Grow is so much more productive than any of the air stones that people used to use in order to deliver more oxygen into the water, you only have to run the O2 Grow oxygen bubbler for a few hours a day in order for the water to reach max oxygen saturation. Because the device uses electrolysis instead of just blowing up bubbles, it runs incredibly smoothly without changing the pH balance of the water, increasing the temperature of the water or changing the salinity of the water.air stone bubbler

What puts the O2 Grow oxygen bubbler above all of the other previous oxygen bubblers is that instead of just sending up thousands of little air bubbles so that the water will absorb at least some of the oxygen, the O2 Grow oxygen bubbler separates the oxygen from the hydrogen. The hydrogen then floats to the top of the surface of the water and is released into the air around the water and the oxygen is then absorbed directly into the water around it right then and there. None of t he oxygen ends up being released up to the top of the tank and is wasted. This means that you can get the same effect while running your new O2 Grow oxygen bubbler for a substantial less amount of time and save on electricity from running the thing all day every day.