Avoid an Emergency with Cold Weather Valves

When emergencies strike there is usually a particular person or professional that we call in order to help deal with the situation. When a toilet overflows we call a plumber. When our water heaters start dripping rusty water we call an HVAC technician. When someone breaks into our car we call the police department. There are professional guides for most types of situations. In some cases, certain situations can be avoided, while other situations simply cannot be avoided. There are on the other hand things that can be done to make an unpredictable situation easier to deal with. Cold Weather Valves

The scope of industrial machines and equipment is large and can range from simple to vary extensive. Many machines and pieces of equipment involve the transmission or transfer of various liquids and gases from one point to another point. The more extensive a piece of equipment operates as the more dangerous it could be if a malfunction were to occur. Many of these heavy duty machines that deal with a type of flowing system have ball valves as a part of their operating system. A ball valve is an essential part of the shut off process. Being able to shut a machine off in an emergency is vital in order to mitigate possible damage or injury and all time for the problem to be remedied.

Sometimes these systems are subject to harsh climate changes and dangerous levels of frost or freeze. It is essential that the systems be able to operate accordingly during this time and if they need to be shut off during this time, it is important that the buildup of ice does not cause an explosion or leak. Freeze resistant ball valves as well as freeze tolerant ball valves are the superior addition to these exposed types of equipment. The freeze tolerant ball valves are designed to give that build up of expanding ice a place to go. The amount of time provided by this simple modification can significantly reduce the type of damage, if any, that is caused by a serious freeze. On the other hand, the amount of time provided by the cold weather valve can deliver the right amount of time for the issue to be repaired with a new freeze plug.

A freeze proof valve will provide the much needed leverage that a professional would need when assessing and repairing a pipe system or other extensive piece of equipment. As mentioned earlier, certain things cannot be controlled but they can be managed in certain ways to help alleviate serious results and hopefully remedy the situation before anything major could occur.

The experts at Freeze Tolerant Ball Valve Company have spent years of research in the field of freeze and frost impacts on ball valve systems. They provide transparent information as it relates to their fields of study as well as the other parties they utilized to back up their research. They have created an effective solution for cold weather climates as it relates to the many ball valve issues caused by deep freezes.