Three reasons why you should get an electric bicycle

electric bicyclesElectric bicycles, or eBikes, are gaining in popularity as the modern individual looks for alternative modes of transportation. The concept is quite simple. The structure of the bike looks and rides like a traditional commuter bike, however, an eBike comes equipped with an electric motor and battery pack. The motor and battery are small, unobtrusive and neatly tucked behind the seat under the travel rack. There are many reasons why you should get an electric bike and according to Small Planet eBikes, here are the top three.

The environment is the most important reason to consider an electric bike. These eBikes help to reduce your carbon footprint for travel. It is also a much more sustainable option than a motor vehicle. In fact, an electric bike will produce significantly less carbon than a typical car. With the threat of global warming and the depletion of fossil fuels, electric bicycles and cars are a more sustainable solution for the long term. The also require less storage space which is nice is storage is scarce in your city.

Your health and wellness is another common reason for purchasing an eBike. An average commuter who decides to choose a bicycle as their main mode of transportation tends to be up to six times healthier than a commuter who drives a vehicle instead. With the rise in obesity and diabetes, an electric bike is a game changing fitness tool. They encourage less fit individuals to make healthier choices. Since these eBikes are a lot heavier than a traditional, you will receive a better overall workout during your commute. Carrying them will also give you a little extra workout due to the added weight.

Another reason for the rise in popularity of eBikes is how much fun they are to operate. They are not just for adults either. Kids especially love them. Because electric bicycles are designed to increase the efficiency of your ride, it is typically the preferred choice over a more manual ride. You are definitely able to get to your destination much quicker than if you were pedaling manually. The extra boost you get from the motor makes for a more exciting ride. The entertaining aspects of an electric bike will help to encourage those making a quick trip to the grocery store to opt for a bike ride instead driving their car. Hopefully, these eBikes will spawn a new generation of mindful cyclists.

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