Replacing Your Rubber Mulch

Now if you are a user of rubber mulch, you know that this is a pretty great product to use in your garden. Putting a layer of mulch on top of your garden soil helps seal in moisture and thus making the need to water your plants less frequent. In addition to that, rubber mulch can be used aesthetically to decorate your garden especially with rubber mulch of different colors. Layering the mulch around the area the first time you get it can be pretty easy and the results will last for quite some time. But in a couple of years, there will be the need to change your mulch and this can be a challenge.
rubber mulch

colored mulch

The reason why replacing rubber mulch is a challenge is because after a number of months, some of the pieces may have sunk into the soil and if these are not remove, may build up under and cut off the roots of your plants from the soil. Natural mulch on the other hand doesn’t need to be dug out since it decomposes into the ground unless the stuff rots and attracts pests. Rubber mulch does not rot and thus does not attract pests but it does not decompose either so you would need to change it. If you used a sheet of plastic of tarp under some soil and topped it off with mulch, then changing the rubber mulch itself may not be much of a problem. All you need to do is remove the tarp and you are good to go. However, if didn’t use plastic like I did, then let me share to you what I did. This is just out of my own idea and experience. In removing the mulch I made sure to be careful around the areas near the plants and flower beds. But with the yard itself, I really didn’t mind getting rough a bit. In the open areas I shoveled up as much mulch as I can without taking too much soil. After that, I raked up the soil to see any leftover mulch. Inspecting the area for mulch will be really easy if you used bright colorful rubber mulch which really stands out against the soil itself. If you used brown or mulch that sets flush against the soil, you will need to have a keen eye. When I got to the areas neat the plants and flowers, I made use of a trowel. I collected all of the mulch in a sack and tried to find ways to recycle them. If you wash the used mulch, these can be used for arts and crafts considering the colors still looks good. If not, you can find a place that collects and recycles this stuff. It doesn’t hurt to be green. When are applying a new layer, you may now want to make use of a plastic or tarp. You just take off some top soil and lay out the tarp in the area. You just cover this with the soil and then top it off with some new mulch and voila, replacement successful.