Spa Marketing Ideas

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many love birds will be looking to surprise their significant others with gift certificates to a spa.  Therefore, you need to get the word out that you have the best one around.  The best way to do that is through spa marketingThere are a variety of ways to get both new and old customers talking about and frequenting your spa.   First and foremost, you should use the web for spa marketing.  This means that your web page should be up to date with pricing and packages that you offer for your services.  In addition, there should be a way for clients to sign up for your newsletter, birthday club for freebies and a frequent users club, as well.  Just do not forget to send out a newsletter with tips, tricks, and coupons.  It does not hurt to have a way for people to purchase gift certificates on your site, as well.   Once your website is optimized, you can then move on to improving both your page on Yelp and your Facebook page, as well.  Both pages should include pictures of your spa, the telephone number, and the address.  You can also include incentives on your Facebook page so that those that like your page get a discount when they come to the spa.  You can also post pictures of current clients and tips and tricks for staying healthy and relieving stress in between massage appointments.  Encourage your clients to use their social media accounts to inform their friends about their visits to your spa.  They can tag you in their posts and post to your page, as well. Other websites you should have a presence on include Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, and Pinterest.  All of these allow you to not only interact with customers and potential customers, but also allow you to post pertinent information in order to attract and keep a following.  Furthermore, most of it is free.  Twitter is similar to Facebook, except you only have 140 characters to work with.  Foursquare lets customers inform their followers where they are by checking in at each place they go to.  Both Instagram and Pinterest are photo sharing sites.   Another way to increase business through spa marketing is to offer a referral program so that both the person giving the referral and the new client get discounts.  You can also hold specialty events for people in specific industries.  Go to a school on Teacher Appreciation Day or set up a small area in the employees lounge at the airport or hospital.   Finally, there is always old school mailings and newspaper ads.  This way, those that are not on social media or are not internet savvy remain informed about what your spa offers, as well as any deals or packages you are currently running.   Regardless of how you choose to do your spa marketing, once you get the customers in the door, be sure to keep them coming back not only with good deals, but with excellent service, as well.  After all, if what you are selling is sub-standard, no one will want it no matter how much you discount it.  There is no substitute for good service.