Ten things to look for in a Thai food restaurant.

http://www.aloythai.comWhether you’re a foodie or you casually eat out from time to time you’ve likely noticed that Thai cuisine has become incredibly popular over the last few years. In every major city new Thai restaurants are opening almost on the monthly, each one claiming to offer the most authentic and delicious Thai food around. There are many reasons why this type of food has become increasingly popular. For starters, it truly is delicious. The complex mixture of spices and ingredients work together to create a truly unique type of food. It’s also very healthy for you to eat, with very little red meat and saturated fats included in the food. Lastly, the environments of Thai restaurants are unique as well, allowing people to step out of their comfort zone while they enjoy their dinner. If you haven’t tried Thai cuisine and are looking to see what all of the fuss is about you’re going to have to find an excellent Thai food restaurant. Unfortunately, with so many choices in every city across the country it can be difficult to narrow your choices to one or two. To help you find the best one in your area, here are ten things you should look for. 1. Excellent menu. Since you’re going to a Thai restaurant for the food you’ll want to take a look at their menu before making a reservation or sitting down. The better the menu items look to you the more likely it is that you’ll enjoy the food. 2. Variety. The more variety the restaurant has to offer the better your chances of finding something you’ll love. 3. Friendly staff. The best way to make sure you have a good time at a Thai restaurant is to choose one with a friendly staff. 4. Strong reviews. Take some time to read through reviews online to see what past patrons have to say about the food and service. 5. Great environment. You’ll enjoy the experience much more if the environment of the restaurant is welcoming. Look through some pictures to see what you think before making a reservation. 6. Reservations. Restaurants that take reservations do so because they get busy. If they get busy, odds are the food is great. 7. Superb testimonials. As with the reviews, take some time to look through the testimonials on their website. 8. Delivery. Sometimes you might want some delicious Thai food without having to leave your home. Thus, see if the restaurant you’re considering offers delivery service. 9. Promotions. If you can save money why wouldn’t you? See which restaurants in your area offer promotions. 10. Affordability. Lastly, there’s no reason to pay hundreds of dollars for a meal when you don’t have to. There are plenty of great Thai restaurants that offer their food at affordable prices. Stick to one of these. Aloy Thai Cuisine in Boulder, CO, is one of the few Thai restaurants in the country that offers everything from the list above. Their incredible menu, friendly staff and inviting environment combine to create an unforgettable dining experience. Visit their website at www.aloythai.com to see for yourself.