Cocktail lounges and other popular restaurants for parties

Many people are fans of planning parties at restaurants. There are many benefits to planning a party at a restaurant. It is easier for a variety of reasons- you have servers there to help out the guests, you don’t need to plan seating or space, you don’t need to worry about utensils and silverware, and best of all, the food and drinks are taken care of by the restaurant! Whether you are planning an intimate birthday party with friends, or a large company dinner, planning an event at a restaurant will save you a lot of time and effort. It’s an easy decision to host a party at a restaurant, but it is more difficult to decide which type of restaurant to book. We’ve put together this quick guide to popular restaurant types for parties and other special events.

  • Wine lounges: Wine lounges are a great place to host a party. They often have a fun atmosphere and a great selection of wines to choose from. If you arrange it ahead of time, you can likely set up some wine tastings for your guests. There are many ways to do this, from blind tastings, to more structured tastings with an experienced sommelier. If you know that you are going to have a group of people who enjoy drinking wine, choose a wine lounge for your next party or event.
  • Cocktail lounges: Like a wine lounge, a cocktail lounge offers a nice ambiance for a party. The difference here is that a cocktail lounge may have a larger variety of drinks to suit everyone’s tastes.
  • Tapas restaurant: Tapas restaurants are great for parties, especially if it is a party where a full dinner is not expected. At a tapas restaurant, you can have a variety of small plates available for your guests to taste. Tapas restaurants are a great choice if you are planning a get together with a group of people who love good food! Here, everyone will be able to share a variety of small plates with friends and join in a fun eating experience. If you are planning a party at a tapas restaurant, there are several ways to organize it. You can either have menus available and simply allow your guests to order the tapas they want, or you can plan ahead of time with the restaurant to have a certain amount and certain types of plates served. The way you choose to organize your party at a tapas restaurant is up to you!
  • Italian restaurant: Everyone is a fan of good Italian food, so if you are planning a sit down dinner party, why not do it at an Italian restaurant? When eating Italian food, there are a variety of appetizers which can be shared with the whole table (things like bruschetta, a variety of salads, and fried calamari), and there are a variety of dishes to meet most dietary restrictions and dining requirements for guests.

We hope you enjoyed reading about different types of restaurants for hosting events. Check out Bobo’s Lounge for your next party!