Choosing a Pond Fountain

pond fountainsIf you have a water garden or are planning on starting one, one of the best things you can add to the decor is a pond fountain. Pond fountains offer beauty and style, as well as the soothing sound of water that can help you relax after a long day at work. There are many different types of fountains, however, so it can sometimes be difficult to know which one to select. If you are looking for a great pond fountain, there are some things to consider.
  • Size: Depending on the size of your pond, you will need to adjust the size of the pond fountain your are considering. You want the fountain to look right, not to overwhelm the pond, so keep that in mind when selecting the one you want to purchase.
  • Budget: The larger the pond fountain, the more expensive it will be, so take the time to decide on a budget so that you do not end up overspending. Speak with an expert if you are not sure how much these fountains cost, so that you have some information before you begin your search for the right one for your property.
  • Lighting or Not?: There are pond fountains that come with special lighting or to which you can install lighting if you choose. This is something else to consider. Lighting can look beautiful if the pond is large enough and it can add real beauty to the garden.
  • Spray Height: Pond fountains offer different sizes of spray heights. Depending on how large and deep your pond is, you may want to consider adjusting this height. You want the fountain to look effortless, so choosing a spray height that looks natural is the best option. For more dramatic looks for special events, consider higher sprays, especially if you have a large pond.
  • Wind: If you live in a windy area, there are some fountain options that are more appropriate. Tulip fountain sprays and bell fountain sprays work best in windy areas, helping to reduce the amount of water that is lost. Other options like the daisy or tiered water sprays look beautiful but will require that they be maintained more often since they contribute to higher losses of water.
  • Pump: Consider the kind of pump the fountain will need to work best. Sometimes the pump is much more expensive than you want to invest in, or it can also be much more complicated to run than you wanted. The pump can have a huge impact on the type of fountain you choose.
Taking the time to learn about the different types of pond fountains available can be a great way to choose the best one for your needs. Take into consideration the size of your pond and how much you want to spend on the fountain. Also consider the type of spray you want and if it will work well in the kind of weather you live in. You want to reduce as much water loss as possible and the right fountain can do this.

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