Choosing Among Curtains or Drapes and Shades

When one is looking to buy some window treatments, one of the things that come to mind is what kind of setting to create in the room. Though it doesn’t seem like much, the window treatments that we choose can actually be quite influential on the atmosphere of the room. Certain window treatments can make your room feel cozier or more private. That will just depend on what window treatments are chosen.

With the right setting in mind, it’s just up to you to choose the window treatments that will help achieve it. However, with so many choices out there, one would wonder where to begin. It can be a daunting task knowing what type of window treatments to go for. However, we are going to narrow our choices down to two types of window treatments; curtains or drapes and shades.


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Curtains and Drapes – Both curtains and drapes have the ability to be used in a fun or formal setting making it quite versatile. Some people even consider these window treatments to be interior design’s unsung heroes. Curtains and drapes are also quite functional, being able to control any bright sunlight as well as offer some privacy inside the room at the same time. These treatments can evoke an element of romance and still be able to allow some ventilation. Some examples of curtains and drapes are the following:

  1. Sheers – These window treatments are made of lights fabrics and are great for air ventilation. You can install sheers side by side or on other window treatments as they can work with any treatments making it versatile.
  2. Panels – Window panels are great for setting up inside your living room, bedroom, or the dining area. They work great when installed on big windows and even work on sliding glass doors.
  3. Thermal drapes – This type of drapes is designed to really block out sunlight and provide the room with some insulation. With such, you are able to keep warm during winter days and cold times without having to turn up your home’s heating.

Shades – Window shades are able to provide some privacy and also block or control the entering sunlight. Sometimes people interchange the terms shades and blinds and although they are somewhat similar, the difference lies in their construction. A shade is one whole piece of fabric whereas blinds are divided into several slats. Both of which can be closed by pulling a cord pushing the fabrics to a single area. Between both, shades are the cheaper option. It is also important to note that shades are lighter in color and more porous. Shades include the following:

  1. Roman shades – Roman shades are known for their elegant and light appearance. They are great for rooms where you want some sunlight to enter and allow more air in as well.
  2. Solar shades – This type of shades can be very useful where you want to reduce any glare from the sunlight entering the room. A noteworthy aspect of solar shades is that they are easy to maintain and clean.
  3. Honeycomb shades – The honeycomb shape of these shades makes them great for preventing any heat from outdoors from coming in thus keeping the room cool during hot days.

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