Cocktail Bar Etiquette

artisan cocktail barGoing to a cocktail bar for the first time can be daunting, especially if you do so on a date or on your own. These kinds of bars are not like regular bars, which are much more relaxed. Cocktail bars are a bit more “posh” and have their own rules and etiquette that you should know about before going. These are simple and we have tips below that can help you enjoy your first time at a cocktail bar without stress or worry.

  • Do Not Whistle or Yell for Attention: This might work in a regular bar, but in a cocktail bar it could get you made fun of. Take the time to walk to the bar and wait your turn to order a drink. This is very important if the bar is busy. Never whistle or yell to get the bartender’s attention. This could easily backfire on you and end up with you having to wait even longer.
  • Know What You Want: When the bartender does get to you, be sure to know what you want. They do not have time to wait around for you to decide. If you are in a group, make sure that everyone has already decided what they want before approaching the bar.
  • Have Credit Card Ready: If you are getting one drink and paying with cash, then you may not need a credit card. But if you plan to order a few drinks, the bartender will probably ask you for a credit card, just in case. Artisan cocktail bars are notorious for this, so have one ready.
  • Interactions: Some people go to bars to meet new people and to socialize, while others want to be left alone. It can be difficult to know which is which,so if you decide to walk up to someone to speak with them, watch for cues in their words and body language. Someone who gives you short and clipped answers wants to be left alone. If you’d like to buy someone a drink, the best way to do this is to approach the bartender and have him or her ask the other person if that is okay.
  • Do Not Argue or Fight: This is not the place in which to have arguments. People come here to unwind and starting a loud argument or fight can be frustrating for the other customers.
  • Listen to the Bartender: The bartender is the law at a cocktail bar. If he or she tells you to leave or to calm down, you have to do it, otherwise you might get thrown out. The best advice is to always listen to the bartender.

Enjoying a few drinks at a cocktail bar like Union Lodge No.1 can be an amazing experience as long as you follow the simple rules of etiquette that a place like that requires. Be polite to the bartender and do not force your company on other people. Be sure to have your credit card ready if you are ordering more than one drink and never fight or argue. These simple tips will help you enjoy the bar even more.

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