Concession Stands at the Fair

It was around 7a.m. on a Saturday and my three kids were already up as they are really excited to go to the fair that just set up a short drive from our humble abode. My kids have been going on about the fair for days and the excitement has filled the household ever since they had seen a poster put up near their school. My youngest daughter Jenny even took the poster and put it in her bag and brought it home to show me. Seeing this as a great opportunity for the family, I planned for us to go there and enjoy while the fair is still near our area.
concession supplies

concession stand

Everyone was preparing to leave and I had packed in all the essentials into our car. Everyone was in except Jenny. I though where she could have been as it seemed that she was the one who was most excited about going to the fair. Then I heard a squeaky voice call from inside the house telling us to wait, it was Jenny and she was bringing along her little teddy bear which she named Holly. She hopped right into the car along with her siblings and I just made sure the house was locked and everything was ready then my husband started up the car. While we were on the road, you could feel the excitement in the car, by just looking at my children’s facial expressions, you could really tell that they were very anxious to get on one of the rides and try all the stalls and go to the different concession stands. As we were drawing near the fair, you could hear the festivities and all the noise from all the people enjoying the fair. When we were looking for a place to park, the excitement in my kids started to build up even more. They were every eager to get out of the car but the space where we parked was a certain distance because many people came to the fair today. My kids then bolted out the door but I called them and they started to slow down. We drank some water and went on our way. We found very many concession stands around the vicinity of the fair. There were concession stands that sold popcorn, hotdogs, fries, and other yummy food. We even found some concession stands that sold some cool products like ice cream, fruit shakes, and even candy. I tell you, my kids were thrilled being near all this. It even seemed to me that the vast number of concession stands excited them more than the rides. We decided to try out some rides before we really go around buying some stuff from the concession stands. We went to the Ferris wheel, the roller coaster, the roundabout and much more. After trying out all of the rides we could get to, everyone was starving. Fortunately, there were many concession stands that sold delicious food which helped us appease our built up appetites. But, the popcorn stand was really the hit.

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