CSRs and casualty insurance software

CSRs or customer service representative are the first people that clients and potential customers have contact with when they call your company.  Therefore, they need to be competent, detailed, and friendly. In order to improve their abilities to obtain new business and keep current customers, you should look into incorporating insurance agency software solutions into the system you are currently using.

There are many different types of insurance solutions. Most can benefit your CSRs. First and foremost, they help to supply the data necessary to answer customer’s questions. The basic information about the person who has called will be pre-populated and by getting answers to a few short questions they can offer a variety of different insurance scenarios that best fit the consumer’s needs.

Another way that agency software can assist the customer service representatives at your company is by giving them access to critical information that allows them to self-correct as needed. In addition, this software enables a healthy competitive environment through the measurement of negative trends and inefficiencies. Furthermore, by measuring these trends, it can also lead to positive growth and efficiency as well as self-realization and goal attainment which energizes your entire staff.

However, before you implement these changes, there are a number of steps you need to take so that shock and confusion do not overtake your business and these positive improvements are taken negatively.

The first thing you should do is offer a workshop or class to educate your customer service representatives on the new software. Not only should they learn to use it, they should be able to ask questions, as well.

Next, be sure to roll out the new software slowly. You may want to implement a pilot program that allows your customer service representatives to get accustomed to the new software before it is rolled out completely. Once it is fully operational, work with them to set measurable and meaningful goals.

Since not many people like change and most bristle against it, remember to keep their egos in mind as you make these changes. Remind them that talented customer service representatives want to help. You should also stress how this software will improve on their expertise and can be used to further support the customer purchase. One example you can offer is that when an insurance product meets both customer needs as well as their budget it will hold more appeal.

If you are looking to incorporate new software into your insurance company, be sure to check out AVYST. They have the experience to customize their cloud-based systems into what you need to both assist your customer service representatives, as well as your customers. Be sure

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