Doctors are impressed with the way medical marijuana is helping their patients

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Over the last few years, doctors have been prescribing medical marijuana more and more frequently to help their patients who are dealing with cancer treatments, chronic pain, nausea and other diseases and ailments. As time goes on and technological advances keep our culture at the forefront of modern medicine and science, more money has been put into the testing medicinal marijuana as a way to treat numerous ailments and diseases. Patients have been chiming in too, telling the world about their success stories as they use medical cannabis to help treat and manage a variety of symptoms and side effects.

“I had numerous families come to me asking about Charlotte’s Web,” says a doctor who wishes to remain anonymous. Charlotte’s Web is a strain of medical marijuana that was found to help reduce seizures in children with epilepsy. “A lot of families were curious for their children to try it because it came in the form of CBD oil,” he said, “and CBD oil does not have high levels of THC, so that means children would not be getting high off of it. It was really more of a tincture,” he explained.

The fact that families were seeking out medical centers such as Modern Health Concepts to discuss the possibility of using cannabis as part of a wellness routine shows just how far society in America has come.

A psychiatrist adds, “I’ve seen a whole lot of success using medical marijuana with PTSD patients.” The anti inflammatory and anti stress properties of medical marijuana are often cited as being particularly helpful for anxious people. “I had a patient with fairly significant PTSD following an assault,” the doctor continued, “but we found that after she began using a medical vape pen, her episodes decreased significantly.” The psychiatrist feels positive about her patient’s progress: “Her ability to cope is increasing. We are finding it easier to get to the root of things now that she know she has a way to relax if she needs it.”

“I’ve dealt with chemotherapy patient for years now and I have yet to see something as effective as medical marijuana for pain and nausea management,” said an oncologist. “It is really encouraging to see your patients out and about and living in a more normal way,” he continued. “On top of that, they get a bit of their appetite, back, which is wonderful and really helps them stay healthy. I think when they feel like they are living a little more normally, they are more likely to respond positively to treatment,” he said.

Medical marijuana, though still controversial in some circles, has been proving itself to be a useful way to help patients with all different ailments find treatment and relief. From things like cancer and AIDS all the way down to acne and insomnia, medical marijuana and CBD oil have been shown to make a difference for patients all over the world. All doctors just want to see their patients get better so it is certainly no surprise that as long as  medical marijuana is giving those results, doctors will responsibly support it.


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