Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Your Custom Garage

Maintenance of any purchase is vital to a long life for the product. While the initial project of your custom garage is a huge undertaking, great care must be taken in order to ensure its lasting value. There are many pieces to to your garage, and many of them must be maintained. Probably to most obvious part is the garage door. This is the part of your garage that will have the most wear and tear from frequent use. Of the many purposes your garage serves, protecting your vehicle is one of the most important. Your garage door must be in working condition and well-maintained to accomplish this. In this post, we will examine a few points to consider who maintaining your door.

1. Develop a regular schedule to clean the door. This is best done with a with a soft type of sponge or cloth, and this will ensure you don’t damage the door. You can wash the door with this type of soft material, and you can develop as schedule that works best for you. After washing, simply rinse with a hose. This type of cleaning schedule is dependent on climate where you live. Here in Colorado, washing a few times a month may be a good idea. We tend to have quite a bit of dust, and this can have an effect on the look of the door. If you are new to Colorado, you’ll soon discover the dust!

2. You should start to integrate a safety inspection into your wash routine. A garage door operates through a spring system. As you use the door on a regular basis, learning to watch for the signs. This could be something like the door taking longer to open, or a door having a jam. Another possibility is a visible break in one of the springs. If you start to notice something like this, call a licensed garage contractor to have them look at the issue. As I mentioned earlier, garage doors operate on a spring system, and they can be very dangerous. It always best to consultant a professional in these types of circumstances to avoid any injury to yourself.

3. It’s also good to learn the parts of the garage door that need regular maintenance. In the spring system, there are hinges, rollers and other moving parts. All of these parts require regular attention to ensure a long life for each part, and to ensure each part is working as it should. Knowing what types of lubricants to use is very important. Sometimes using the wrong type of oil or silicon on these parts can cause them to wear out faster or stop working completely.

All of these points build a case for having a trusted advisor in your contacts list. Knowing who to call for help with your custom garage is vital for day to day issues that may arise. When selecting a professional for servicing help, it’s also good to know their areas of expertise. So, be sure to have someone who knows the ins and outs of servicing garage doors.

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