Getting into the Essence of the Art of Danish Hygge

Happiness is something that probably all of us truly long for in life. What is a life if it is lived without the beautiful feeling of being happy? Our happiness can come from within ourselves or it can come from something that we make in our lives. The Danish word “hygge” has somewhat become synonymous with happiness and it has been gaining popularity with many lifestyle enthusiasts who have embraced this kind of living. The word itself is quite hard pronounce for us non-Danish and in reality, quite hard to explain as well as there is no direct translation for the word. However, it can be roughly understood in English as “coziness”.

Hygge decor

hygge living room

Although it can be quite a challenge for the tongue, this hasn’t stop many minds from pursuing what it truly is and trying to find the recipe to become happier. Even though the word has been shortlisted as one of Oxford’s words of the year in 2016, many of us still don’t know what it really is. Is a Hygge Lifestyle having candles decorating the living room? Is it wearing comfortable woolly socks? It still isn’t quite clear but let’s take a closer look and really get into the essence of this unique Danish art that has many in awe.

In actually there is a Danish dish of pork roast which is known as hygge and the Danes say that it can really illuminate one’s soul. The essence of hygge is to create warmth in the atmosphere and to be able to enjoy what is good in life with the people who mean something to you. The warmth and light provided by candles can be considered hygge. Being with your loved ones, your friends can be hygge. A Hygge Life is no more than sitting in a table talking about life whether big or small. Maybe hygge is the reason that the Danes are ranked as the happiest people in the entire world.

Christmas is considered the high season of hygge. This is when the Danes do as much as they can to really live the life of hygge. Winters in Denmark are quite long and dark as well so it is in the nature of the Danes to combat this darkness with all the hygge that they can muster which can come in the form of a million lit candles all over the country. If you ever go to Denmark during the Christmas season, you should make it a point to walk through Copenhagen or go to the Tivoli Gardens. There you will see what the Danes can really do with the essence of hygge around.

If you do find yourself in Denmark in the summer months, there is still an essence of hygge around. You can find people picnicking in the park, having barbeques, concerts outdoors, festivals in the streets, and many bikers riding. Hygge really is how we make the most out of the simple things in life and how we can share in each other’s warmth. This is the way of the Danes and hopefully you can adapt to a Hygge Lifestyle too.

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