The first thing that has to happen in order for a pipe maker to start designing a pipe system for a new client is the pipe manufacturer has to be contacted by the client. There are hundreds of major pipe makers in this country, and each tends to have a specific area of expertise when it comes to making a new pipe system. The leading pipe makers are well-known by the large construction companies, so contacts are often made through previously existing relationships. Pipe makers are in very high demand these days, so it may be hard for a new construction company to get fast access to the services a pipe maker offers. Pipe manufactures often prefer to work with companies they know, as it helps assure they will be paid for their work at the end, and that there won’t be any undue problems along the way. A new construction company that has not yet worked with a large pipe manufacturer might reach out to one through sites like,, or other similar sites, or they might try and get a hold of a pipe manufacturer through a convention. In the pipe manufacturing industry, convention events are where a good portion of work contacts are made. After the construction company finds a pipe fabricator to take on their pipe manufacturing needs, the next step will begin.

Industrial construction companies rely heavily on computer models in order to determine what kind of pipe system a new structure will need. Each building is very different in how a pipe system will be installed, as each building requires a different approach for the pipe system it will use. Even if a structure is going to use its pipe system for all the same basic functions as another similar building, the exact location of the building and the natural underground elements will play a major part in determining how a pipe system can best work. Luckily, there are ultra-advanced computer projection modeling programs which allow pipe fabricators to predict all the tiny differences between one job and the next. The computer programs use a data base of hundreds of thousands of different pipe system which have been created in the past then counter references that data with the specifications of the current construction site. Advanced computer models have made pipe systems far less likely to have errors today than compared to systems from tend years ago.

Once the pipe system has been installed and the work is finished the job of the pipe manufacturer will be complete, unless there are any unforeseen issues that come up. Almost all pipe manufacturing companies work with full guarantees on their pipe systems, which means that they are responsible for creating a pipe system which functions according to the specifications agreed upon, or fixing the issue. Since pipe systems are often very expensive to build, the company has to provide a good deal of assurance to their client that they will be there in case there is any sort of emergency.

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