Recreational cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the country today, and yet there is very little known about the industry by most people. In some parts of the country the recreational marijuana is a fairly new area, and even in states where the industry has existed for years, the centers tend to be in rural areas, away from most people. This article will detail how the recreational cannabis business functions today. People that live in a state with cannabis dispensaries can also go and see one in person if they want a firsthand look at how they function.

The thing that is most surprising for people about the cannabis industry is the fact that almost 80 percent of cannabis sales in this country take place online. There are hundreds of cannabis shops in this country, but the majority of people still have their cannabis delivered through sites such as,, and other similar sites. People by their recreational cannabis online for a number of reasons, but mostly for the same reason as people buy anything over the web, which is convenience. A customer can hop online and visit a Bend recreational marijuana dispensary and see all of the products they have to offer. Most dispensaries offer overnight shipping as well, so people receive their products very quickly. The sale of cannabis online is also popular because it tends to be a bit cheaper than buying the cannabis in an actual shop. Cannabis shops, have become popular places for young people to hang out and enjoy tier cannabis, but naturally they have to pay a little more for the setting.

Most of today’s major cannabis dispensary sites are not only making cannabis, but they are working in cannabis innovations. The big money in cannabis today is in the development of new products which can be used for both recreational and medical purposes. Dispensary sites almost always have laboratories where cannabis experts work on all the different way which they can make cannabis even better. Last year, a young university student in New Jersey developed a way to create cannabis creams which can be applied to the skin, and his discovery was purchased by major cannabis company for nearly five million dollars. As the cannabis industry continues to expand across the country, it becomes more and more important for companies to develop new ways of staying competitive.

Cannabis dispensaries are probably much larger than the average person may think. The largest cannabis dispensary in the country today has almost five hundred employees. Cannabis production requires all sorts of different works, from scientists to agricultural experts and more. Even a small cannabis plant may employ fifty or so people. In fact, the amazing ability to create new jobs has started to provoke state leaders across the country to try and bring the cannabis industry into their own state. Some states have offered huge tax breaks for new companies that move in for business. It is easy to predict that as the years go on, the cannabis industry will continue to grow and become an ever more important source of jobs for Americans.

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