How to care for your new Australian Cobberdog

Getting a new dog, no matter if they are a full-grown or a puppy, can be an incredibly exciting process but also a rather stressful one. There is a lot that goes into taking care of a dog and if you have never owned a pet before, it can be even more difficult to try and keep up with all of the different things that you have to do. If you have had a dog before you will at least know a bit of the ins and outs of dog ownership but with each breed and each new personality of dog, there are always new things. If you have recently taken home a new Australian Cobberdog from Highland Australian Cobberdog, there are going to be a few weeks of important training ahead of you where both you as well as the dog have to get used to each other and figure out the new rules for the house. The family at Highland Australian Cobberdogs work hard to start training all of their Australian Cobberdog puppies but the efforts much be continued at home in order for the behaviors such as being potty trained and not to jump on the furniture to last. Of course this is even more so if you have particular rules or training that you want your new Australian Cobberdog to have that was not included with their Highland Australian Cobberdog training. The first important step when you take home your Australian Cobberdog from Highland Australian Cobberdogs is to make sure that you set up a schedule that every morning you take your Australian Cobberdog puppy out of the crate and take them outside. Prompt the puppy as much as possible to go to the bathroom and try to make sure that they complete this task before you go back inside. Once they are able to figure out that going outside means going to the bathroom, you can start giving small treats to the puppy to further reinforce the idea. cobberdog puppiesAside from teaching your new Australian Cobberdog how and when to go potty, you also need to make sure that you are giving your new Australian Cobberdog a healthy and full diet. Australian Cobberdogs are generally incredibly healthy dogs but in order to keep this going, you need to make sure that you are feeding them correctly. The team at Highland Australian Cobberdogs suggest that you feed your new Australian Cobberdog a high quality kibble as well as components of a raw diet, though the two should never be fed to the dog at the same time. If you want more detailed information on the kind of food that you should be feeding your new Australian Cobberdog, you can look at the health and nutrition page of Highland Australian Cobberdog’s website. As puppies your new Australian Cobberdog should also be getting a good amount of exorcise. When they get older, different Australian Cobberdogs can have vastly different levels of energy but as puppies you need to make sure that they are taken outside enough and given enough exorcise.

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