How to get started with closed loop extraction

Butane hash oil, otherwise known as dabs, is quickly becoming the most popular type of  cannabis concentrate that is available on the market. People love it because it is far more potent then typical cannabis, plus it does not have the same potent odor that green marijuana does when you smoke it. That allows people to be more discreet about consuming it. You only need to use a very small amount at a time (just a dab, as the name suggests) so the product that you have will last a very long time. The process of extracting the concentrate from the cannabis has also modernized and become more efficient. Gone are the days of smoking poor quality hash oils that were an unsightly gray color. Now butane hash oil is known for its light golden see though color. In fact, “budder” is one of its names that people call butane hash oil.

The reason that this product has seen such leaps and bounds now is that the extraction equipment has come a long way. With the invention of the closed loop extractor, the process of making butane hash oil is safer and it creates a much more pure and more potent product.  A professional grade closed loop extraction system can cost thousands of dollars, and that is before you even factor in the costs of your supplies, but there are starter kits that are available for a few hundred for people that want to try their hand at extraction on their own.  Xtractor Depot provides many professional grade extraction systems to licensed labs and has outlined the process of how butane hash oil is made below:

The first step is to prepare all of your materials. You should always be in a well ventilated room that has been treated to prevent any kind of ignition such as a static shock. Butane is your primary material and it is incredibly flammable, so keeping this away from any kind of sitation where you could cause an exploasion or a fire is very important. Often in a lab setting, the butane is keep separate in the closed loop extractor until it is ready for use.

Now it is time to prepare the buds for extraction. The best way to do that is to freeze the buds in an airtight bag. This makes it easier to break the buds down into smaller sections without actually grinding up the buds. You want to break them but not grind them because that will effect the end result of the hash oil by making it more bitter and a less appealing color. Plus all of the psychoactive chemical THC is on the outside of the buds anyway. Place your broken down buds into the container of the closed loop system, make sure that all your filters and pumps are in place and begin the process of using the butane to extract the THC from the buds. The time the process takes will vary based on the capacity of your machines.

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