Most business consultants recommend that their clients always use an arbitrage specialist in order to make sure they are keeping with all compliancy regulations. Indeed, even the simplest arbitrage issue could be much more intricate than it appears on the surface, so employing professionals for the job is always a better choice in the end. However, there are certain instances in which an arbitrage specialist must be brought in. In this article we explore a few instances in which the use of an arbitrage assistance team in indispensable. Further inquiries about arbitrage assistance can be answered by contacting an actual arbitrage assistance firm at sites such as,, or other such firms. Additional information can also be obtained through state offices which are required by law to provide individuals and companies with local arbitrage law upon request.

One situation which calls for an arbitrage compliance specialist is whenever a new company has been purchased, and said company has existing arbitrage issues pending. Almost every state has laws which require that any arbitrage issues which have not been resolved at the time of sale of a company must be taken care of by the owner of the new company. Of course, the fact that arbitrage refunds may be pending could mean that a company stands to receive a nice check from the government if the arbitrage rebate process is handled properly. On the other hand, there are instances in which a company may not have properly taken care of their arbitrage compliance requirements, and the company that has purchased said company might have to act fast in order to avoid having to pay fines due to the problem the previous company has created through their mishandling of their arbitrage situation. As soon as a new company has been purchased, the buying company should make a formal written request for all records concerning pending arbitrage issues. An arbitrage specialist should then be called immediately to get the process of checking over the documents underway.

Yet another instance when a company must reach out to an arbitrage specialist as fast as possible is if the state is performing an audit on the company’s compliance record. Compliance audits are extremely common when it comes to arbitrage issues, and especially so when a refund is in line. However, even when it may seem like all of a company’s compliance records are in order, there may be serious issues that must be corrected if the company doesn’t wish to lose money from their rebates. Arbitrage auditors are known for being extremely particular about how the documents they are presented with are organized, and there are even codes which stipulate the exact manner in which documents must be presented. The smallest error could cause the auditor to penalize the company with a reduction of benefits, or even more commonly, to put a hold on the company’s pending rebate which could set their rebate back for weeks or even months. An arbitrage specialist will be essential during an audit to keep companies out of trouble.

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