How to Use Organic Cannabis Tincture?

Being alcohol based extracts organic cannabis tincture is also known as golden or green dragon due t alcohol infused in it. Some people think that it is not suitable for faint hearted people but that it not true as it can be used not only for recreational purposes but also for medicinal purposes as it allows you to consume cannabis as medicine smokelessly. Until US government banned it use in medicines cannabis tincture was used as main ingredient for various medicines in America since long.

Dose of organic cannabis tincture

Since US government has permitted the use of cannabis tincture for medicinal purposes in recent past it is available in bottles marked with 1ml doses. Moreover the suitability of the dose of cannabis tincture can be adjusted with self assessment. You can start with putting 1 ml dose under your tongue and can increase it up to 2ml or more unless you are happy with its results. By increasing its dosage gradually you can avoid the risk of its overdose.

Uses of organic cannabis tincture

According to experts, once you own a bottle of organic cannabis tincture you can store it in dark and cool space to use it for several years depending upon your needs and amount of suitable dosage. Moreover its long shelf life allows you to make it in larger quantities if it is in regular use for you or your family.

You can easily make cannabis tincture yourself even if you do not have a fully equipped kitchen. All you need to make homemade cannabis tincture include alcohol, a jar, cannabis products and a strainer. If you use 190-proof alcohol then you can easily make low calories cannabis tincture with up to 7 calories in each ml.

Cannabis tincture can be included in all kinds of drinks and cooked foods like:

  • Ice creams

  • Juices

  • Gelatine

  • Sherbets

  • Soups

  • Salad dressing

  • Gravies

  • Mashed potatoes etc

Benefits of cannabis tincture

Healthy alternative to smoking cannabis: Cannabis is normally consumed by smoking but due to the ill effects of smoking on your respiratory system and skin, people started avoiding its smoking. Then organic cannabis tincture is used as a good alternative for those who are consuming it for medicinal purposes.

Deliver its medicinal effect fast: The effect of this tincture is quickly observed as it enters your blood stream when placed directly under the tongue. Its effect is observed instantly as it is quickly absorbed by your body.

Safe for paediatric use: Organic cannabis tincture is the safest form of cannabis based medicines used for treating children. Reasons behind this safety feature are its controlled dosage and smoke free consumption.

Versatile usage: If you need medicines with high THC then original cannabis tincture can be the best alternative. It is available in wide variety with distinctive benefits and usage. Its dose can be set depending upon needs of the patient.

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