Hydroblasting services save time on the job

If you operate a mine or a service that requires storage of sensitive materials in tanks, then you know that you will need a good quality hydro-blasting company on standby for regular maintenance. Hydro-blasting is the process of cleaning a structure using highly pressurized water. The force of the water hitting the surface can clean the area and remove any kind of dirt or debris from it. This is commonly used on both the outside of structures as well as the inside. We spoke to vacuum truck experts at Overley’s to find out more about the process and why it is considered the most effective way to clean structures both large and small.

Hydroblasting is also known as water blasting. The pressure of the water that is blasted against the surface starts at a minimum of 10,000 psi, although for the best and most effective cleaning,  using a higher pressure up to 20000 psi is recommended. The reason that hydroblasting is getting more attention as an effective way to clear away mud dirt and debris is because it is less harmful than the formerly popular method of abrasive cleaning.

Hydro-blasting is great for situations where you need to clean areas that are hard to reach, or perhaps they are just too big for a regular one-man cleaning method to be effective. Since water is the only element that is being used to clean a structure, there are not any concerns about potentially contaminating the area with toxic cleaning chemicals. Hydroblasting it NOT recommended for areas that are utilizing chemicals that could be harmful if exposed to the environment. Another benefit of hydroblasting is that it can be a great way to clean up small areas as well as large. The hydro-blasting service will have the ability to narrow the stream of water so that just a small area can be hit with the high pressure water.

Perhaps the best explanation as to why hydroblasting is the preferred cleaning method for many is that there is very little clean up involved after the blasting is over. Once the structure is cleaned and all of the dirt and other grime is removed from the structure, the water that was used will simply flow away or evaporate. That means that the process of cleaning through hydroblasting is not only effective, but it is quick. The service can be there and done on the same day in some situations.

Hydroblasting is popular for bridges and industrial buildings, but it is not only intended to be for commercial use. Homeowners have discovered how effective this cleaning method is, and they have now started to use hydroblasting to clean the outsides of their homes as well as their patios and outdoor furniture. Small scale machines can now be rented for short periods of time that will allow them to do the cleaning without having to call in a commercial grade cleaning company.  No matter how large or how small your project is, hydroblasting is an effective choice!

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