Important Tips from a Divorce Counselor

Even the most devoted couples can enter a truly rocky period in their marriage and end up headed for divorce. The best way to avoid this ugly result is for you and your partner to work through these times with a minimum of stress and aggravation. Here are a few divorce counseling tips to help you make it through these most difficult of times:

Take stock of the situation– Most marriages have a lot more going for them than the participants realize. Take the time to add up those benefits and see what is really at stake if the two of you decide to part. You may be very surprised at what you will be giving up.

Embrace compromise with your spouse – No one is perfect or always right – and you should try to remember that about yourself! When you find yourself in an argument, try to bend a little and hopefully your partner will do the same. Try to remember what it was like at the beginning of the relationship when you would each do anything for the other.

Catch your partner doing something right – No one likes to be nagged especially when they think they are going out of their way to keep the peace. Take the opposite approach and find the good in your partner. With this approach, you will even feel better about yourself.

Apologize regularly and profusely – This act is not a sign of weakness but one of care. If you act in an irresponsible or unthinking manner, take responsibility for your actions and apologize to your partner. It is a humbling experience for those unused to the act but it is also a uniquely powerful act that is generally richly rewarded.

Consider relationship counselingHaving an objective mediator can be a very powerful tool for reaching a reconciliation with your spouse. Divorce Counselors are relatively inexpensive especially when you consider the cost of a full-blown divorce.

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