India Visa Process

Indian VisaDue to the high demand of visits in the legendary state of India now, it has been made extremely easy for many individuals who want to visit there, despite your location globally; you can possess a valid India visa through the online application. This has been made possible and comfortable, and one is not required to travel to Indian embassy to apply for it since you can apply online-visa in your home country and at your place without engaging in any tedious activity.

How to apply for online India visa for one to fill it, you are required to open their website. The first is a step you’re needed to fill a form online, whereby you’re required to submit you background information concerning; your airport of arrival to India dates that you are expected to arrive, your nationality, your passport number. However, the form also requires you to fill more information like date of birth, and other valid and matching personal information. I.e, the information that you will give on the form must rhyme with you documents especially your passport. The second step if filling this online visa is payments of service fee for the visa and the government fee also, this is so easy since also it is paid online and one can pay with various channels of money transfer like; PayPal, wire transfer to HSBC, visa, pioneer cards money orders and many more. Payment guidelines are on the website, therefore, no chances of getting frustrated on your way forward. When an individual has paid the money and placing an order of the visa, then there will be a confirmation in your email. This takes five hours only when somebody wants it to be processed in by India rush service’. Although this varies when it comes to Urgent Services since it may take up to 24 hours.

The third and final step in getting the India visa is downloading it in your email and then printing it. Then when you want to travel to India, you will require submitting it to the Indian immigration office your country, and then he or she will stamp it for you immediately. Your visa validity is determined by the discretion of the consulate, which means the expiry of your passport will determine your visa expiry, the expiry will almost be the same.

The price of the visa is determined by nationality this means it is based on reciprocity this why the online visa fees are divided into four slabs of different charges.

Things to note before application of India online visa

You must provide your actual signed passport valid not more than six months and a copy of your personal information to the Indian immigration officer at the airport. You must provide color passports not more than three months old. Under 18 years, applicants must submit their birth certificate and copies of parent’s information.

You must provide a valid document to show the reason for your visit to India, i.e., certificate or cover letter. More so short-term business visitor’s visa varies for one year.

This visa is not only foreigners who are willing to visit India but also for individuals from Indian origin; they can renounce their citizenship and apply for it too. By applying it as a foreigner to India you’re guaranteed to access many unlimited services in Indian using your online visa this include; tourism, travels, medical treatment, casual business, recreations and many more within India.

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