More parents than ever are considering sending their children to private schools. after study have shown that American public schools are falling further and further behind the majority of developed countries. There are many reasons why this is trend is happening. For starters, the vast majority of districts in the country pay their teachers very small salaries. When there is little to no money to be made in public education, many of the brightest minds in the country turn to other professions. This isn’t to say that there aren’t very talented teachers out there, only that they are smaller in number when compared to the rest of developed countries. Second, time and time again voters all across the country vote down slight increases in taxes to help pay for public education. When the public education system doesn’t have any money they can’t invest in teachers, facilities and books, the things it takes to ensure that children are receiving an adequate education. There are many other reasons why so many of the country’s public education systems are lagging, but the point here is that they are, indeed, underperforming. No matter the reasons behind this decline in public education, the point is that it is very real. Thus, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that many Americans are considering sending their children to private schools. At private schools the parents can help ensure that their children are learning the things that they feel are important, that their teachers are highly qualified and that their is accountability for their child’s performance. In short, by sending their children to a private school they can ensure that their child will come out prepared for further education and/or the real world. The main benefit of sending your children to a private school is that you are able to choose the school that they go to. In many districts across the country, the public school that your children attend is solely based on your geography. However, when you choose a private school you can send them to essentially any school that you want. This allows you, the parent, to ensure that your child ends up in a high-performing school. Rather than having your school chosen for you, you can choose the private school in you area with the highest test scores and the best performance. In essence you are allowed to choose a school where you know your child will get the education they deserve. Another reason why so many Americans are turning to private schools is that they are able to choose a school that teaches the things they want their child to be learning. For example, if they want their child to get a Christ-based education then they can choose a Christian school. This is certainly why so many parents in San Antonio have enrolled their children at Cornerstone Christian Schools. Not only does this school offer an excellent education in terms of the regular materials that children should be learning, but it does so while also teaching children the important teachings of Christ. To learn more about their school and to get your child started on their enrollment/application process, visit their website at

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