My Marijuana Growing Guide

Pocket gardens have always fascinated me, because it is the ultimate test of the principle of less is more. I have recently moved to an apartment in Texas, where I will be working for one of America’s biggest companies. It is a far cry from the concrete jungle of New York, where the only greens I could grow in my tiny apartment were herbs that I put on the kitchen counter. I am Asian, and my standards for decent dwelling would be space, cleanliness, and real ground to walk on. Well, in Texas, people have a different take on space because they have lots of it and more is definitely more.

How to Grow Marijuana Book

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I was lucky because I got the corner lot, where there is a little secluded and fenced in space. I thought I would have some pocket garden just in front of the patio. I showed the owner the zen like design and he gave me the green light to go ahead with it. I also know he thinks I am crazy, since I will only be here for just a little over a year, and gardening would be a waste of time. I don’t care, all I know is he was okay with it. My cat Pickles would love it, I just hope he does not get lost again, because it’s a corner lot and he could easily slip away without people noticing.

My pocket garden is minimalist, so I don’t have to grow a lot, but I do have to trim because it’s what Japanese gardens are known for, perfectly manicured gardens. I am so tempted to grow Cannabis indoors and hide it in between the shrubs, but it’s too risky because for one thing I don’t have any medical reason to grow one. But nothing is going to stop a green thumb like me from growing Marijuana indoors. I think it will be like growing a bonsai, only I cannot openly display it.

My Marijuana growing guide has been a dependable book and anyone who can follow instructions can successfully grow Cannabis indoors. It’s a lovely plant and it does wonders to chewy and fudgy brownies. Texas life is so different from living in New York. I miss the fast pulse of the big apple, but surprisingly, I easily embraced life in Texas like I would a long and leisurely vacation in the Bahamas. I have plenty of time outside of work, but there are things that keep me occupied such as meeting new friends, DVD marathons on quite weekends, a good space to run early in the morning, or just a quiet day with Pickles.

Very few have been invited over to my apartment, but the few who do are those who have become really good friends who love to eat or just hang out. And the barbecues! Texas does barbecue like no other state would ever do! I miss New York and I know that I would be excited to go back once I’m done with my project here. But that’s about 9 months from now, so I will just treat this time of my life as my dream vacation.

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