Natural relief refers to the hundreds of different homeopathic remedies which exist today for treating all sorts of different physical and emotional health issues. The homeopathic drug industry has gone from being a small, alternative medicine option to growing into the largest competitor for the big drugs companies today. Indeed, with homeopathic drug sales from sites like,, going up by nearly two hundred percent in just the last three years, the pharmaceutical companies have good reason to worry. In this article we will highlight just a few of the many reasons why natural relief is the way to go today instead of through the use of pharmaceutical drugs. We hope that this article we spark interest and curiosity among out readers, and drive them on to further investigate all of possibilities which alternative medicine offers today.

The first and perhaps the most important reason why millions of Americans are turning away from traditional drugs, and looking to natural relief solution is because of the addiction crisis which the nation is currently facing. The numbers are staggering when it comes to addiction and misuse of pharmaceutical drugs in this country today. For instance, most people are unaware of the fact that there are more people suffering from addition to pharmaceutical drugs in this country, than there are suffering from illegal, street drugs. By some estimates one out of every ten Americans is currently addicted to, or in recovery from an addiction related to a prescription medication. People are becoming aware of the very real danger which many prescription drugs carry with them right now, and so are increasingly looking towards the kind of relief which natural remedies can offer them. Not only patients, but doctors as well are seeking to curve the danger of prescription drugs by putting their patients on alternative medicine treatment plans. Many people within the medical establishment now believe that the country’s greatest hope in ridding itself of the current epidemic of prescription drug addicts is through the use of alternative medicine. The national institute for health has stated that through homeopathic alternatives, it may well be possible to reduce prescription drug dependency by nearly thirty percent in just the next two years.

The other big reason why there is such a massive push towards alternative medicine options right now is the lack of trust which many people feel towards the pharmaceutical industries. Each year we hear hundreds of new cases involving patients that die from the use of a medication which was supposed to help them with a simple medical condition. Lawsuits involving prescription drug companies have become so commonplace that most of them don’t even make the news anymore. People don’t trust in the safety of prescription drugs like they once did, and that has millions of people looking at alternative medicine treatments. Many of the ingredients used in some of today’s most popular homeopathic remedies have been used by humans for hundreds of years, so their safety is far beyond reproach and is trusted by doctors and patients alike.

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