Never run a concession stand without these three essential items

There are a few industries that tend to survive through any sort of economic drought.  One concession standof those such industries is anything that has to do with people having fun.  When times get tough, we cut back on luxuries or hold off on large purchases.  But when it comes to spending time together and having a fun day out with the family every once in a while, it will take a great deal for us to stop.  For that reason, the concessions industry has never really been affecting by hard economic times in America.  During the recession, Americans stopped buying houses and cars but they didn’t really stop going to the movies or attending school fundraisers.  The concessions industry supplies virtually any event or location that provides fun for their customers.  This comes in three forms of equipment and an almost endless amount of food products.

The three types of equipment that can be purchased or rented from a concession supply company are cotton candy machines, popcorn machines, and sno-cone machines.  You would be pretty hard pressed to find a carnival or sporting even concession stand without at least one of these machines because they have come to be expected.  All of these machines are easy to use and even easier to rent and setup.  The sugary delight of cotton candy is a must have at concession stands.  These machines range from simple and small to large and industrial depending on your anticipated crowd.  And because cotton candy is a fan favorite, your sales are likely to be largely supported by this machine.  Popcorn is another absolute must-have at any concession stand, especially anything to do with movie watching.  These machines are also very easy to setup because there really isn’t any setup, you just plug it in and provide the kernels.  The low price that is associated with a popcorn machine also makes them very favorable among schools and smaller scale fundraisers or stands.  It’s so easy, you could even rent a machine for a birthday party.  The sizes can range from a modest 4 ounce popper to a professional-grade 60 ounce popper, perfect for stadiums or amusement parks.  And don’t forget those essential popcorn machine supplies like popcorn salt, oil, and butter!

For events on those hot summer days, all concession stands should have a sno-cone machine.  This machine is not something that can be replaced very easily by human work.  The shaved ice is the tricky part and is best left to the machines themselves because they can also keep everything cool.  These machines are designed to grind down large volumes of ice very quickly in order to always have fresh ice available.  This would be almost impossible to provide by hand.  With the rental of the sno-cone machine also usually comes the supplies, if wanted.  The syrups to choose from are the best part of course, so ask your favorite concession supply company if they also provide the flavorings with the machines.  With the addition of these three machines to any event you will never have a dull moment or a lull in customer activity.

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