Residential cleaning agencies have been on the rise in this country for over two decades. There is a lot of money to be made by working in residential cleaning, so it presents a good employment option for tens of thousands of Americans, and the use of maid services has started to become normal in our society, as it has been in Europe and South America for ages. This year maid services have reached a new level of popularity, as major residential cleaning agencies such as,, have recorded their highest demand on maids and other related services in over twenty years. Due to the heightened popularity of maids in this country, we have written this article in order to highlight certain groups of people who most benefit from residential cleaning services.

The first group which receives a massive amount of help from maid services is the elderly. Older people in this country have a hard time with the daily tasks which were once so easy for them to perform, and among those task, cleaning seems to be one of the most common. By some estimates, nearly one third of all people in the USA, who are over the age of 65, now have some sort of residential cleaning service which visits their home on a weekly basis. In fact, most insurance companies offer partial coverage for elderly people to pay for their residential cleaning services, as it is seen as a kind of home assistance for the elderly. The demand from older people for maid services is so high today that many companies have started offering additional help along with maid services which is directed at the elderly. Most maid agencies now offer the option to have the people who clean their home take care of things like grocery shopping, or walking their dog. Anyone who knows an elderly person that is struggling to keep up with the simple tasks around their house should suggest the idea of hiring a maid service in order to make their lives easier.

Another group of people that receive a ton of help from residential cleaning services are people that work in large offices. Commercial cleaning services are on the rise in this country, as having a part time cleaning service presents companies with a great way to save money on keeping a fulltime employee around just to clean. Having a cleaning staff on the payroll could cost a company around two thousand a month, and perhaps much more if the office is a large one, while a part time cleaning service can be obtained for a few hundred dollars a month. There is even more money which is saved when one considers the fact that cleaning companies take care of health insurance for their employees, so companies that hire commercial cleaning services don’t have to worry about adding more people onto their coverage plans. The concept of hiring a commercial cleaning service is so popular today that nearly half the offices in the country are currently using part time services for their office cleaning needs.

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