PI Services can help track down missing persons

It is easy to believe how quickly people can disappear if they want to. In this modern world that is governed by technology, is it now easier than ever to change your name, your appearance and your history. When a person disappears it can cause frustration and anger, and you may feel like you have exhausted every avenue available to you in trying to find them. However, if you have not yet hired a private detective, then you have not tried all of your options and there is still hope.

There are a large variety of reasons that someone may need to find another person. There are situations where a loved one leaves home and seems to just fall off of the face of the earth. This could be a child or a loved one, or even someone that is a business partner. Another common reason that people use private detectives to find a missing person is in the situation where they are trying to pursue a legal case. Maybe they need that person to help them support their case, or perhaps they are trying to serve them with legal papers. Adoption is also a big area for private detectives. There are still many people out there that were part of an adoption that would like to find their birth parents or their birth child, and the expertise of a professional detective service like BrightStar Investigations can help them find some resolution to all of their questions.

A private investigator can often complete the search for a missing person in a fraction of the time that it would take a regular person to begin to look for someone. They conduct a multi-tiered search that involves web sites, public records, social media sites and search engines to look for any trace of a person, and then they wheedle down the details until they are completely certain that they know that person’s current location.

Search engines are often a great place to start when you are trying to locate a lost person. Sometimes even entering a name and phone number can start to point you in the right direction. Searching this way can also feel overwhelming when you have thousands of search results pop up over a search for one name or phone number. Thankfully a private detective has ways to quickly ruling out people that could not possibly be who you are looking for.

Most adults of all ages have some kind of social networking presence. Whether they are on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, or all of the above; if they have any kind of online presence then they have left a trail of breadcrumbs that a private detective will know how to follow. They can often use that information to cross reference with other public records in order to find someone.

Public records are an excellent way to find someone, especially if you have their social security number. This allows them to track what their last known address was and the address of their employer.

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