Pipe bending fabrication plays a key role in many industries.

http://www.turner-industries.com/Most people don’t realize just how many industrial companies, manufacturers and specialists it takes to create a single product. Something as simple as your garage door opener likely took well over a dozen companies working together to create. That’s because each material that goes into the garage door opener, e.g. the plastic, metal and wires, all have to be mined or collected. Then they have to be processed into their current shape and finally assembled into the garage door opener. One company mines the material, another refines it, another warps it and another still assembles it. Now, if you were to consider something as complex as your desktop computer or your car then you’re talking about thousands of different minerals and compounds. Imagine how many companies it must take to create an airplane! The point is that there are many companies out there producing materials or offering services that no one has ever heard of. These companies make it possible for you to have all of the products you own yet you never even know they exist! One industry that most people know relatively little about is pipe bending fabrication. Pipe fabricators are companies and highly trained individuals that produce custom pipes for various industries. They can manufacture pipes of various sizes for various purposes, such as large pipes for transporting oil or small pipes for holding gases that are used in the making of various chemicals. Thus, pipe bending fabricators are companies that produce pipes that bend and wrap around a facility. While you might think that this sounds relatively simple, pipe fabrication is difficult and complex work. First, the company fabricating the pipe has to be told what the pipe is going to hold. The contents that the pipe is going to transport play a huge role in the materials the pipe should be made of. If it’s transporting natural gas a certain type of pipe is necessary, if it’s oil another pipe is best and if it’s gas then still another pipe will be needed. Then the company needs to figure out how large the pipes need to be, how far they going to transport their material and how many bends they are going to have. After all of this is determined, the pipe fabricators will determine how many individual pieces of pipe will be needed for the project. These pieces will be connected with very large bolts. Every so often, a bolt torquing service will be needed to ensure the bolts are holding tight and none of the materials in the pipe are leaking. As you can see, pipe bending fabrication is a complicated science that very few people have ever heard of. Yet without companies fabricating pipes oil refineries, natural gas facilities, chemical facilities and so much more would never be possible. Even water treatment plants and sewage systems rely on durable and reliable pipes to function properly. If you’re curious about this industry and want to learn more, visit Turner Industries. As a premier pipe fabricator, their website has plenty of great information about the industry.

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