Plumber Marketing Ideas that help you stand out from the crowd

If you area is clogged with plumbers the way the sinks are that you want to fix, then there are a number of plumber marketing ideas that you should try in order to ensure that your business does not run dry and that you snag more business.   First and foremost, you should have an eye-catching logo and slogan.  Once you have come up with them, you should place them in as many places as possible.  Do not make it too long, though as you want people to be able to remember it.  Place it on the sides and back of all of the vehicles associated with your business.   You can then hang door hanging signs in the neighborhood and create a partnership with other local businesses, including a local electrician.  Then, you can advertise together and on each other’s websites, as well.   The next step in plumber marketing includes advertising in the local papers.  You can include a coupon in the ads, as well.  You can also start a direct mailing campaign and pay for web advertising in order to increase business. Another way to go about plumber marketing is to use the web to your advantage.  Many people turn to the internet when they need services, such as plumbers.  When they do so, they start with a search engine, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.  However, many do not search past the first page and often times searchers do not go past the first three entries that appear on their screens.   In order to get to the top of the search engine’s results, there are a number of steps you can take.  First and foremost, you should optimize your website and make it the best It can be.  It should have nice pictures and visitors should be able to navigate through it with ease.  It should not take more than four seconds to load and your business name and phone number should be on every page.   One of the best things you can do in order to optimize your web page is to have an area where people can set up appointments online.  This makes it easier for them to make contact in their time of need and they will be more likely to use you.  In addition, it is best to include an area for customer feedback.  You can even give incentives for people to leave an evaluation after service has been completed.   In addition, in order to increase the number of clicks on your website, and, therefore, your ranking on the search engines various pages, you should also have a blog that gives tips on how to fix little things around the home and how to keep pipes, toilets, and sinks from breaking.  If the information is relevant and interesting, it will be shared and then more people will click on it and, therefore, increase your ranking.   Finally, be sure to keep your social media pages current as this is another place that people look for goods and services.

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