Product Photography does not mix well with DIY

In the age of DIY in America, we often think we can pull things off if we just put a little effort into it.  This has been attempted with every craft from baking to sewing to photography.  The internet has somehow given us all the courage to think we can bring about our naturally crafty selves with just a few simple steps. And usually, as we have also seen on the internet, these attempts result in monumental fails.  Our penguin cupcakes end up looking like lazy pandas, and our home-sewn maxi skirt ends up looking like a muumuu.  We should know our limits and we should stick to them.  This is especially crucial when it comes to professional product photography.  You might actually do some crafty things in your life, and if you want to document them well you can just snap a picture with your phone and post it for all to see.  It will be grainy, have poor light, and look all around worse than it actually does in real life.

When you need to document what you are doing in an elegant and classy way, you can contact Yechiel Orgel, a commercial photographer specializing in still life, food, and product image capturing.  Based out of New York, this professional is passionate about the products that he creates.  You can have him photograph your trade and make it look amazing no matter what it is.  His understanding of subtle differences in lighting, composition, and placement make a significant difference in the outcome of the image.  Product photography has developed with great leaps and bounds recently, and it can no longer pass with a simple flat image.  With Orgel’s help, many entrepreneurs have watched their businesses grow rapidly just through advertisement.  Photography is more than just a job for this professional, it is a way to open creative opportunities to grow.  Orgel’s photos can be seen in e-commerce advertising, catalogues, and web ads.

If you have ever tried to photograph your own products, even if you have a high-quality camera, the pictures probably don’t even come close in comparison to something that still life photographyYechiel Orgel could produce.  He offers innovative design and new-age photography that will elevate your product to a level of distinction.  Your ads will looks like something straight out of the most fashionable Times Square billboards.  With new-age radiant lighting and the most recent editing software, plus a natural talent, Orgel will develop something that you never could have created on your own.  His still-life, food, and various product photographs almost seem like they come to life on the screen or page.  Being an established New York photography professional, he already knows what it takes to stay in competition with others and how to do it.  New York City is the center of all-things-crafty these days.  There are artisans perfecting their crafts on every corner, so the ability of Orgel to stand above the crowd speaks volumes for his talents and capabilities.  So don’t even attempt to photograph your own products, they will never look as good as they could from this kind of professional.  Know your limits.


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