Running a Concession Stand

Going out in public you will be able to find a number of concession stands particularly located in areas like the shopping mall, sports stadiums, the fair, the beaches, and in local parks as well. Here the vendors sell food to people and a slightly higher price. If you are looking to open up a concession stand of your own, you will have to look for a place to permanently set up your stand no matter what kind of food you will be serving. The advantage with concession stands as well is that since they are mobile, you will be able to move to other locations. If you wish to have a permanent location you won’t need to move around.
American Concession Supply


First, you should call the business administration office in your area and get a business license. Next, you will need to call the health department to be able to get a license for a retail food establishment. Here you will also be able to gain knowledge on how to handle food properly and get licenses as a food manager to get some employees. You should also have an understanding on fire safety regarding stands. If you are looking to set up a stand, you should first be able to register your stand with the office of the state secretary provided you are looking to be in a partnership or corporation. You will also need to apply for an Employer Identification Number by going to the Internal Revenue Service. In this way, you will be able to open a business bank account and use business documents. Next you should lease or buy a concession equipment that will be set permanently in near areas. These areas include sports stadiums, festival venues, the beachside, or any public area that will allow you to have a concession stand to set up to be able to serve food to the public. You may also opt to get a mobile stand which you can use to move around. The stand should be big enough to accommodate lots of food. Now you should be able to create a menu of the food that you will serve to your customers. Find out what kinds of food you will serve to the people. You will usually see concession stands that sell soft drinks, hotdogs, and popcorn. It is best that you find a good supplier of concession supplies so that replenishing your supplies would not be a problem. If you are set up in the beach, people will usually look for something to cool down like cold drinks and iced cream. Now you will need a place to prepare all the food on your menu. You can contact a nearby restaurant or some companies that handle shared commercial kitchens that you will be able to use for you to prepare your food. If you decide to prepare all the food at your own house, you will need to get a permit from the health department to do so. They may conduct an inspection at your home and you will have to go through some paperwork to be able to prepare the food and sell it at your concession stand.

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