Speech Therapy for Our Partner

It is that time of the year when we review our performance for the first quarter and to make things even more challenging, it’s tax season again. Our small firm of accountants are raring to serve our clients, usually mom and pop stores or service professionals like lawyers and doctors. It is amazing how this small venture, hatched by a discussion among three friends over coffee, has grown into a 30-man team of accountants.  The sad part however is there are only two of us now discussing our quarterly performance as Lynn, our other partner has gone to the Colorado Neurological Institute for Neurotherapy.

Speech Therapy


She had a massive stroke and lost her speech ability as well as some movement on the left side of her body. There were signs of it the week before, but we all thought it was just stress. She kept forgetting what she said just twenty minutes earlier and seemed to feel lethargic. I noticed but I thought it was just part of the jitters, what with all the deadlines to beat. It was a good problem, having many accounts coming in. But I guess, we also have to remember our own health. The good thing about it, is there is a good chance she will regain her speech ability again. CNI offers good speech therapy services.

I look at the clock and it is almost five o’clock. Susan, our other partner and I have agreed that everyone should not work no later than seven o’clock this tax season, and on lean months, five o’clock. Overtime is over rated, and it’s not worth compromising our health. We have also agreed to hire temps to assist in some tasks so the load is lessened for permanent employees.

Our business is doing well, we can do with a little cut in the profit, provided everyone is maintaining a good work life balance. I now take long walks at dusk, and have cut down on unhealthy food. I know it seems that paranoia has set in, but it is a clear and present danger for working people like us. Especially that we are business owners, it seems more difficult to let go and leave things for another day.

We have also decided on a maximum capacity for accounts to take in. There is no sense in taking in more if it is going to take a toll on our health. What happened to Lynn was a jolt to our senses. And we agreed that we don’t want to spend our hard earned profits on hospitalization and rehabilitation. In the first place we came up with the idea of putting our own accounting firm so that we could enjoy life, and even travel once a year to just relax and enjoy doing nothing, away from the husbands and kids, even if it’s just for four days.

We have gone on trips on the first four years of setting up the firm. But it has been a case of procrastination since year 5, and that was three years ago. Maybe it’s time to revisit that dream, once Lynn gets well.

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