Ten Things You Need to Know about Interior Painting

Painting your home can be one of the most exciting things that you can do. You can experiment with different colors or color schemes in the different areas of your home to achieve the look you desire. Take note that the look of your home’s interior painting can either make it or break it. You need to know what you are doing and have the end in mind. If you just go around painting mindlessly you may likely end up with an ugly mess of colors. To help you out, here are ten things that you need to know before working on your home’s interior painting.

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1.) Don’t take the finishing for granted – The finishing that you apply on your paint can have a big impact especially on walls. There are a number of different finishing that you can go for just make sure you are choosing the proper one for your home.

2.) Learn to embrace color – Try experimenting with different colors to add texture or depth into certain rooms. Do your research on how colors affect us psychologically and base your choice of paint for each room there.

3.) Do some sampling – Even though you already have made a choice, you never know how the paint will look like until it is on. Because of that, you may want to buy sample pints that are quite cheap so as to see the color’s look.

4.) Be calculated – Painting a house takes a lot of calculation. You will want to do the math on the total area you will paint so that you can buy enough paint and not let any go to waste.

5.) Make the proper preparations – You will want to Tape off certain areas, move away furniture, remove doorknobs, and keep other things safe that you do not want painted.

6.) Primer is important – Make sure that you buy and apply primer before putting on the actual paint to help the paint adhere and cover up any stains.

7.) Cutting in is okay – After painting larger areas in the interior of your home, you can cut in into the corners and edges of the area so that the entire paint job will be smoother.

8.) Save time with rollers – If you are running against time or you want to get the paint job done quickly, you may want to make use of paint rollers. Although they need more equipment like poles and handles, you can do things a lot faster using them.

9.) Use extension poles – Working on the interior painting of your home will require you to reach up into high places like the ceiling or top of the walls. Instead of lugging a ladder around the house, it will be a lot faster to use an extension pole.

10.) Mix all gallons – In a technique called boxing, you will be able to makes things look more uniform. By mixing everything all at once, you will avoid having any inconsistency in your paint color and saves time by working the mixing only once.

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