The best ways to propose to your girlfriend using a custom engagement ring

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There is a lot of pressure when proposing to someone because these days, it seems like everyone is trying to outdo one another. Even teenagers asking each other to prom have upped their game and come up with so many elaborate ways to surprise their potential date and create a social media worthy moment. When you are coming up with a way to propose to your significant other, think of few things that will help you come up with the perfect plan including the custom jeweler you will use. Here are a few general ideas that will help you as you brainstorm.

  • Think of some place that is special to both of you. Returning somewhere with good memories is always a great place to start. Perhaps where you had your first date or where you said “I love you” for the first time would be good. Since there are already good memories at that location, it would be fun to add even more happy memories to that location.
  • Think of an inside joke that you both love. Something that makes you both laugh is always a fun way to start a proposal. There are few things as joyous as natural laughter and if you can do something that helps you recall a special joke or memory, it will make the proposal and the engagement ring even more special.
  • Help her do something on her bucket list. If you have been together for a long time, you probably know a lot of things she wants to do in her life like skydiving, swimming with dolphins or even hiking to a special spot. Think about all these places and activities and determine if you can incorporate a proposal into one of them. When you give her a custom engagement ring while she is doing something she has always wanted to do, it will increase the value of the experience even more.
  • Do something more romantic than you usually would. This is especially good for guys who don’t generally do too much in the romance category. If your girlfriend has ever complained to you that you are not romantic enough, this is an ideal time for you to show her that you do have it in you to be romantic. Think of things that would be grand romantic gestures and employ her friends to help you determine what makes her “aww” in movies. Because it seems out of character for you, it will make the proposal even more special.

No matter what you do, make sure to keep it personal and special to the two of you and your relationship. Regardless, this will be one of the biggest days of her life, so any amount of extra effort you put in to make it special and memorable will only enhance it that much more and make her feel beautiful, special and loved. This will be a big day for you too, so make sure you do something you are proud to tell people about when they ask how you proposed.

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