The Ways on How a Probate Lawyer Helps His Clients

A lawyer who is able to undergo proper mentoring regarding the distribution of assets and assisting the people or the beneficiaries who are to receive these assets and properties and working with their personal representatives and executor becomes what we call a probate lawyer. There are some people who refer to a probate lawyer as an Estate Lawyer since he is to deal with the estates and properties of a person along with all the paperwork once that person passes away and transfers the property to his chosen beneficiaries. Having a probate lawyer can be helpful when you find yourself in a probate process, but how do they help you? That is what we are going to talk about.

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1.) Locate and secure – First off, when the person passes away, the most important thing to do is to make sure all of the assets are there. As a personal representative or executor, this can be a challenge especially if you are not that close with the family of the deceased. In that situation, the probate lawyer will properly locate all of the assets of the decedent be it a probate or non-probate asset and make sure that they are ready and secure for the probate process.

2.) Value and appraisal – After the probate lawyer has located all of the assets of the decedent and secured them, it will be time to obtain the value of these on the date of death. The properties of the deceased will also have to be appraised which will be handles by the probate lawyer. Data and information like this is very important during the court proceedings so as to properly get an idea of how much in value will be distributed or used to pay debts.

3.) Paperwork and Documents – It is common for a Probate process to be filled with paper work and documents which can be quite overwhelming for the executor and even the beneficiaries. But with a probate lawyer, things can become more organized and made easier. A probate lawyer has the responsibility of making sure the all the need documents are prepared and filed in the probate court in the proper time period.

4.) Debt Advise – Now there are certain situations where in the person passes away but there are still debts left unpaid. What is done in the court and proceedings is figuring out a way to pay off all of these debts using the assets and properties of the decedent. The decision of which assets to use will rest on the executor and the beneficiaries, but the probate lawyer will be there to advise them regarding which assets to let go of.

5.) Re-titling – Once the debts have been taken care of the Estate Lawyer will be tasked to help in making sure that the passed estates of the decedent are distributed properly to the chosen beneficiaries and making sure that the titles of these estates are properly passed on and turned over to those beneficiaries so as to avoid more hassle.

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