1. Get insurance for your valuable jewelry. Major jewelry dealers such as always recommend that their customers get insurance for their expensive rings and other jewelry, and they do so because they have had to deal with people who have had their rings lost or stolen throughout the years. People that have adequate insurance coverage for their jewelry are going to feel much more comfortable wearing their pieces out on the town, and after all, wearing your precious jewelry is what it is all about. There are of course two main things that tend to happen to jewelry. Theft is always a common problem with fine jewelry, as diamonds, gold and silver are the three top things that a thief will look for when committing a burglary. Losing jewelry is also a painfully common thing, as most pieces are very small and can easily slip off during normal daily life. Insurance will cover both theft and lose of precious stones, so people don’t have to worry about their fine things so much. There are two places that insure jewelry, and both have their advantages. First, a jewelry shop will insure their customer’s items for them, and some people prefer this option over a traditional insurance company because the shops will actually replace their jewelry for them in the case of some accident. People with custom wedding bands can be wearing a new ring within a few days after a loss or theft. A traditional insurance company might be a better choice for people with very high end items, such as those with several diamonds in them. Traditional insurance coverage can offer protection for items with a bigger price tag, but they only pay out their customer’s claims in cash, and the process tends to take longer than through a smaller insurance provider.
  2. To avoid theft, never keep your cut fine jewelry where a theft would look for it. It may seem like strange advice, yet the police advice people with expensive jewelry to avoid locking it in their homes safe, or in other areas that are typically made for the protection of expensive items. When a thief gets into a home they go straight to the safe, thinking that that is where they will find all of the homes cash and jewelry, and in most cases they are correct. By simply placing the precious jewelry in a less obvious place, homeowners are far less at risk for getting their items taken. By some accounts, jewelry is probably safer in a kitchen drawer than it would be in a home safe. On the other hand if the jewelry owner has a bank vault, that of course is an even safer option.
  3. Taking jewelry into the jewelers once a year for adjustments will make it less likely that items get lost. Rings slipping off of fingers , or bent earring pieces are among the most common causes for lost jewelry, but both of these situations can be easily avoided if jewelry gets regular checks and adjustments.

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