Tips on finding a great family dentist

Finding a great family dentist can be a daunting task. You do not want to put the health of your children’s teeth and gums in the hands of someone who is not well qualified to take care of them. Dentistry is a very important profession, and can be especially important at a young age when our mouths are just starting to form and we learn about lifelong dental care. We’ve put together these tips to help people find great family dentists that they can trust with their family’s dental health.
  • Seek out a general dentist: There are many different types of dentists with different specialties. While these specialized dentists play an important role in dentistry, you will want a good general dentist to take care of the majority of your dental work. This person will be responsible for teeth cleanings, filling cavities, and help with the overall health of your teeth. They have a general (but wide) knowledge of dentistry, and while they may not be able to perform every procedure you need done, they will be able to identify problems that arise and will have trusted colleagues who can take care of you if a complex problem arises.
  • Make sure they have experience with kids: Dentistry for kids is different then dentistry for adults. Young kids still have their baby teeth and they need a dentist who is familiar with the process of them loosing these teeth and growing their adult teeth. A good family dentist should have experience working with kids. Not only do you want them to have a good knowledge of pediatric dentistry, but you also want to make sure they are good at dealing with kids. This is the person who will be helping to educate your child on how to take care of their teeth, and hopefully form the basis of lifelong habits to care for their teeth. You want to find someone who is not only qualified to do this, but good at it!
  • Check out the office: Before you settle on a family dentist, you will want to go in and get a tour of their space. Is it family friendly? Do they have ways to ensure that your children feel safe and secure? Often, family dentistry offices have fun touches to help put your children at ease, such as toys in the waiting room, fun toothbrushes that are handed out at the end of the appointment, and other measures are taken to try to make the experience as fun as possible for children.
  • Check with your friends: Often friends are a great resource for finding services like family dentists or pediatricians. Ask around and see if any of your friends with kids in a similar age group have a great dentist they would recommend.
  • Ask questions: It is OK to visit several dentists before you settle on the perfect one for you and your family. While you’re exploring different options, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call, or even stop in the office to ask questions about their practice. Often, people will be happy to answer them and will be useful when it comes to recruiting new clients.

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