Web marketing has really taken off over the last ten years, and the number of web marketing firms and independent web designers only continues to go up. Web marketing firms like, are booked for months in advance just for sit downs where companies can discuss the direction they want to go with their web marketing. Why has there been such an increased demand on the web marketing firms recently when the internet has been a major marketing platform for nearly three decades? Below we take a look at the two primary causes for the internet marketing boom that has been going on for the last decade.

  1. The competition on the web has gotten to be very intense. As we all know, the internet is growing at an almost unimaginable rate. Last year there were almost 20 million new homepage registered on the internet, and many experts believe that this year those figures could almost double. In the past it took a little bit of cash flow to start a functioning website, but today almost any 16 year old can build and launch a website if they wanted. With this huge wave of new sites going up all the time, the need to make the website stand out amongst all the rest has become more pressing than ever. A modern web design agency has a vast knowledge of what the consumer is looking for in a website, from day to day. Trends on the web change just as fast as the weather, so good online marketing firms are extremely plugged into what is hot at the moment. A website that is perfect for today could be completely wrong for tomorrow, and more than any other aspect of internet marketing, the modern web marketing team is all about staying on top of what the internet user want right now. If you sell shoes on the web that means that you are competing with more or less another ten million sites that are doing the same. The only way for a site to capture the attention of internet surfers is to have the exact right wording, colors and images on the site at all times. There is no room for error when it comes to internet marketing.
  2. The other major cause for the explosion of web marketing companies today is the easy availability of different internet marketing professionals. There is no shortage of IT graduates looking for work in this country right now. There are also tons of kids that studied graphic design that are looking for their first job. The internet boom that was just taking off around twenty years ago created an entire generation of young computer professionals. When a branding agency goes about hiring someone for their internet marketing staff, they have a huge selection to choose from. The tremendous number of internet marketing professionals that have flooded the work market has created quality internet advertising which is not very costly. Even the smallest companies can now afford to hire people to work on their internet marketing teams.

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